For the first time ever, Will Smith is stepping into the world of gaming in the post-apocalyptic game “Undawn.” The combination of famous actors and video games is becoming increasingly common as games become more story-driven and motion capture technology has advanced to deliver stunning facial animations. Will Smith, a Hollywood actor who has yet to make his debut as a pixelated character in the gaming world, is about to change that!

In the game “Undawn,” Will Smith enters a post-apocalyptic environment that looks like it’s straight out of his film “I Am Legend.” It could almost be a sequel, but in an interactive gaming format. Check out the action-packed trailer for the game below, where Will Smith battles monsters and walks through the sunset on desolate streets.

“Undawn” will be an open-world game where players must collaborate with each other to survive against the infected zombies. Gathering resources and building bases are also a priority, according to Polygon. The game will be released for Windows, Android, and iOS on June 15th.

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