In Overwatch 2 there are 10 different tanks. They are very important for the safety of your team and here is an important tip for every tank in the game.

Overwatch 2 tanks

Creating space

The most important thing to do as a tank is to create space for the rest of your team. That is the main principle of the tank role in Overwatch 2. But you might wonder what I mean by “create space for your team”. It means that you need to make a lot of the space yours. Basically make it your territory and you need to take control of the game. 

How to play Winston

Winston Overwatch 2

Winston can be a really annoying character to play against if you use him the right way. As Winston you should try and go for the heroes with a small amount of HP. You should also try to go for the snipers in the game so that they can’t do much against your team.

Winston weapons and abilities

How to play D.Va

D.Va Overwatch 2

D.Va should be played a lot like Winston because she can fly for a bit. She is really good at getting to the snipers and killing them. You really wanna focus on the snipers since otherwise they will just stand there and deal a lot of damage to your team, which will lead to your healers not being able to heal you and your team fast enough. So you should try and get rid of them quickly.

D.Va weapons and abilities

How to play Reinhardt

Reinhardt Overwatch 2

Reinhardt is one of the best if not the best tank if you want to protect your team as much as you can. He has a big shield with 1200 HP, you should use it a lot so that your team can stand behind it and shoot the enemies. He is also really great at creating space since he has a big hammer that deals a huge amount of damage. Most people when they are getting pushed by a Reinhardt will back up so that you can’t swing your hammer at them. But that is when you can take out your shield and have your teammates shoot at the enemy instead without having to worry about surviving.

Reinhardt weapons and abilities

How to play Roadhog

Roadhog Overwatch 2

Roadhog is a great character to kill the enemy team healers and most of the Dps in the game with. Roadhog has a very good ability, the ability is that he throws out a hook and if he hits an enemy with it he drags the enemy to him. By doing that you will be able to get a free headshot which will deal a huge amount of damage. Let’s say you hook an enemy with 200 HP, then you can deal about 160 damage from hooking them and the first shot, and then you just need to shoot them a second time and they are dead. If you wanna increase that damage there are a few combos you can do. 

The combos are that you right click → hook → left click on head → punch. By doing that you can deal a massive amount of damage and most of the time kill the target.

Roadhog weapons and abilities

How to play Zarya

Zarya Overwatch 2

Zarya can become a really good character but you need to understand her abilities to be able to deal a lot of damage. Her ability is that she can put a barrier on herself or a teammate, the barrier will absorb all the damage it takes and turn it into damage for yourself. So when someone shoots that barrier you deal more damage and you protect yourself or your teammate depending on who you put the barrier on. When you see one of your teammates going in and attacking, you should put a barrier on them to both protect them and make you deal more damage. It can be a really powerful ability if you use it in the right way.

Zarya weapons and abilities

How to play Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball Overwatch 2

There are multiple ways to play this character but the best one that i personally have seen is to roll around and knock all of the enemies around. It will really mess their aim up so that they can’t hit you and your teammates as easily. It is also recommended going for the healers while doing this so that they can’t take it easy and heal a bunch.

Wrecking Ball weapons and abilities

How to play Sigma

Sigma Overwatch 2

Sigma is a good character to play on a map with a lot of walls and places his attack can bounce on. So when you are playing Sigma you should try and hold places where you can bounce your shots from a safe place and still hit the enemy.

Sigma weapons and abilities

How to play Orisa

Orisa Overwatch 2

When you are playing Orisa you want to try and be close and personal with the enemy. Because her weapon does more damage when she is closer to an enemy and her abilities are very good at pressuring the enemy if you are up close and personal.

Orisa weapons and abilities

How to play Doomfist

Doomfist Overwatch 2

This can be one of the worst if not the worst hero in the game at the moment. But if you use him the right way he can be pretty powerful. As a Doomfist you wanna try and go for the enemies that have a small amount of HP and you should try to go for the people in the back of the enemy team. Another good thing to do is jump behind the enemy team with your “E” ability, then charge up your “Right click” ability and try to push the healers in the backline forward towards your team. By doing that your team will be able to kill the healers and then you will have an easy win.

Doomfist weapons and abilities

How to play Junker Queen

Junker Queen Overwatch 2

Junker Queen has a shotgun as a weapon and it can deal a massive amount of damage if you hit a good headshot. You can almost one shot a 200 HP target. If someone is trying to run away from you, you should try and hit them with your right click (it will throw a knife and it is a pretty slow projectile, type of attack). After hitting the enemy with it you should right click again and that will drag them backwards (towards you), that way you can be close enough to them so that you can finish them off.

Junker Queen weapons and abilities


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