We can all agree that snipers are among the most interesting characters in every video game – especially in Call of Duty: Warzone. Aside from the cool weapon, snipers are also known for their excellent aiming and tactical skills. And that’s why a lot of gamers know that snipers are a class of their own.

But, not all video game snipers work in the same way. Even if you’re a skilled sniper in one game, that doesn’t always guarantee that you’ll similarly perform well in the other games.

With the right strategies and techniques, you can surely become one of the best snipers in Call of Duty: Warzone. Lucky for you, we prepared this sniper strategy guide to enhance your gaming experience. Read on to know more.

Create a Tactical Strategy

In every tactical shooting game, the first thing you do to prepare is to come up with a logical and feasible strategy. Since you’re a sniper, you have to remain offensive and remain at a distance where your weapon will be maximized. But that’s not all there is to it.

To be successful in this game as a sniper, you have to be more specific about where you land. Since you were not trained in close combat, it’s best to land somewhere far from the crowded war zones.

But aside from being far from your opponents, the place should also have a lot of loot and cash to help you upgrade your weapon. As much as possible, you should be able to buy a Loadout as soon as you start. This will not only give you a head start with an improved weapon, but it will also keep your mind focused on the game plan.

Most importantly, we recommend you keep an open line of communication with your other teammates. You should keep them updated on your position, so they would know when you’re about to attack. Communicating throughout the game also helps you get an idea of what’s going on in the actual warzone. That will help you make adjustments to your strategy for improved team performance.

Where to Position

Now that you have a solid strategy in the game, the next step is to pick the perfect spot to position your weapon. While you think your sniping skills will get you a long way, everything goes to waste if you’re not in the best position.

Since snipers are experts at long-range shots, it’s best to stay in a high-rise building. These buildings will provide you with a great view of everything that’s happening below. As a result, it will be easier to take down enemies from that vantage point.

However, you should also consider that your opponents might have similar snipers. And that’s something to keep in mind as you search for the perfect location.

In case your opponent also has a sniper, make sure to find a spot that will allow you to hide behind walls in case of a counterattack. Shooting from the top floor of a building will give you a great view and protection, especially if you’re shooting from windows.

Aside from these positioning tips, we must also recommend that there must be no obstructions between your position and the enemy. there should be no smaller buildings or trees where they can hide and prevent you from delivering damage.

Improve Your Aim

And finally, perhaps the most important strategy we could give you is to keep improving your aim. This is something that takes a lot of practice, but a few tips can help you improve within a few games.

One such tip is to understand the bullet seed and bullet drop in Warzone. Fortunately, there isn’t much to worry about in these aspects, because the game creators made it as realistic as possible. This makes almost guarantees that you’ll hit your target as long as it’s aimed properly in place.

Another important tip we can give you is to hit the enemy on their critical spots. In this game, the enemy’s weak spot is always the head. A clean and accurate headshot will instantly kill the enemy in one shot. In contrast, hitting them somewhere else will need at least three shots. And that’s not something you can risk.

And finally, make sure that you’re moving around while you’re still preparing the shot’s line of focus. We all know how long it takes to get the proper aim – which is especially the case for beginners. If you stay in one place as you lock in on your target, you might end up getting shot by the enemy’s sniper first. Thus, moving around will surely save your character’s life.

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