The Sims has been achieved massive success since it first launched in 2000. Nearly twenty years later, the game is still being enjoyed many.

While several spin-offs and handheld versions have been released, the main Sims series currently sits at version 4. That was released in 2014 and continues to be updated with new features.

Since February 5 marks Chinese New Year, The Sims Studio (the developer) and Electronic Arts (the publisher) released a Lunar New Year themed update. Along with the update came other improvements and fixes.

The Sims 4 Chinese New Year Update

The update features new recipes, objects, clothing, and accessories related to the Lunar New Year. With the update, players can gather their loved ones for a special dinner party.

To really get the feel of celebrating Chinese New year, the update comes with home decorations that reflect the theme, as well as a traditional place setting for a feast.

Apart from the family being together, the food served during the event is another important part of the gathering.

With this update, gamers can serve Vegetable Dumplings, which only requires a Level 1 Cooking Skill. If you’re more advanced – around Level 7 – then you can serve Mud Carp.

The February 2019 update also comes with new objects that also reflect the theme. For instance, players can put a kumquat tree in their home and use a Shadow of the Moon Table for the family gathering.

Since 2019 is the Year of the Pig, it follows that a Year of the Pig Statuette is available as a new object.

Clothing and accessories are also a part of the update. This one features two dresses for women and a jacket for men. A yin yang necklace is also available for boys and girls.

The Sims 4 Fixes and Updates

Software is never perfect, which is why updates are made available to patch any issues up. There are a couple of fixes and improvements with this update.

A previous issue that saw Ghost Sims not able to use the Book of Life to resurrect themselves is patched up with this update.

The problem with Style Influencer Career interactions distorting Sims children is now not available for selection.

Players now use the size filter of The Gallery to look for 40×40 lots. However, if the 40×40 lot was uploaded before the update then that piece of land could not be found even when using the filter.

There is also an issue with Camera Positions in The Sims, but this update comes with a fix. Players can press the Ctrl button plus the numbers 5 to 9 to save a camera position.

However, positions saved to the number 9 key can cause problems when the 9 key is used to raise an object in the air.

To fix this, a new Camera Position functionality to remove a previously saved camera position from a particular number was added; users just need to press the Alt key and the numbers between 5 to 9 where the position was saved.

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