The beautiful Season: a letter to the future is a game that will tickle your senses as you play a young woman from a secluded village as she is experiencing the world on a bike. Playstation 5 allows for a deeper use of your senses in this poetic game that prompts thoughts about the world we live in.

Season- a letter to the future
Credit: Scavengers studio

The story

“Most of the themes of “Season: A letter to the future” are expressions of the anxieties of our age. We’re heading towards a future we know will be worse than the present. As this becomes more certain, it has an attendant thought that feels even darker: These awful years are also the good times. The story exists to give some kind of poetic expression (poetic meaning barely under control, the subconscious has the wheel) to these thoughts and feelings, to defamiliarize them, tear them up and put them back together in a fantasy world. There is another major motif to the story as well: The five senses.”

New story trailer

You will meet many different people in the final moments of their homes. Try to understand them and by interaction and document their stories in your journal to understand this season that is ending. The artwork is really incredible.

Easel, one of the characters in Season. Credit: Scavengers studio
  • A stunning bicycle road trip: Wind your way through stunning landscapes on your bicycle. Slow down and take in the incredible scenery in vista after memorable vista.
  • Explore a mysterious world: Meet a diverse cast of characters along your way, who will change the course of your story. The land of Tieng Valley is open for you to explore, investigate and learn about the past and the future of this place.
  • Document, photograph, and record: Collect memories, make recordings, and discover the secrets of this Season before it ends. Your journal is the key to understanding this world.
  • Beautiful soundtrack: Listen to the haunting score as you travel, a perfect accompaniment for your journey.
  • Important choices: Pay attention to your surroundings as you live through the story and resolve the end of Season. Choose the questions you ask characters carefully, as these choices will impact your relationships and understanding of the world. Remember, what you collect is what will be saved for the next Season.

Season: a letter to the future is like a journalistic road trip on a bike through a fantastic world where your goal is to document everything around you to try to understand the world around you.

A letter to the future will be available digitally on PlayStation 5 andPlayStation 4 on January 31. You may pre-order now or add to your Wishlist!

Source: Playstation

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