There’s been a lot of shakeup around the devs that worked on the previous Saints Row games.

And that has a lot of people wondering about when the next installment will come out – if ever.

We’ve done some digging on the Internet to find out more about a potential Saints Row 5: Who is making it, when it is coming out, and what it is supposedly going to be like.

What we’ve found isn’t definitive, but it does point to something being in the work for the near future.

Here’s what we found out about a potential Saints Row 5 release date.

Multiplayer versus Single Player

One thing that has changed a lot since the previous game came out is that gamer tastes have shifted to always-online worlds where multiplayer is a component if not the primary element of the game.

Just look at the success of GTA Online to see how this phenomenon has become more mainstream.

Built on the back of a stellar single-player game, GTA Online is the cash cow for Rockstar’s franchise and it became that way by tweaking that single-player experience into a stellar game.

Many fans think that Saints Row is perfect for a similar treatment, and that might be why we haven’t heard anything about a potential game being in development. Those games take time to make, and we’re sure the same would apply to Saints Row 5.

Jim Boone Leaves, Then Returns

A positive sign for the future of the Saints Row franchise is that Jim Boone has returned to the developer after taking a hiatus in 2017.

Though his specific role isn’t really clear a lot of people speculate that he will probably contribute to Saints Row 5 if he isn’t already working on the game.

As we discussed above, the next Saints Row game will be coming out at a time of great flux in gamer expectations about a game – a totally different environment than when the franchise started.

How this impacts what kind of Saints Row 5 will be remains to be seen, but we have little doubt that there is some pressure on the devs for a monetizable property with robust single player and multiplayer, possibly from day one.

The Next-Gen Question

Most people think that if Saints Row 5 does come out, it will be for next-gen consoles.

That makes a lot of sense from a technology standpoint and an investment standpoint.

As the current generation of consoles fades into history, the next generation is offering power and capabilities well beyond what we currently have.

Using that as the platform for the next Saints Row makes a lot more sense, but it also means that the next game could be years away down the road.

Like we’re looking at a couple of years at the very minimum.

For fans of the series, that indefinite time frame might not be much comfort but Saints Row 5 for next-gen systems makes a lot of sense and that’s why we expect we will see it then.

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