Nintendo scored a huge hit with its release of the NES Classic edition. I am therefore not surprised that they decided to launch its successor, the SNES Classic edition, and I expect that they’ll have just as much success with this one (if not more) than they did with the first.

The console is ridiculously small (it almost fits in the palm of one hand) and looks just like the original. It packs an amazing 21 classic games (including Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country, The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy III and Super Metroid) that anyone growing up with video games in the 90s will recognize instantly. The game menu is easy to navigate, and each game features four save slots.

Unfortunately, the SNES Classic edition also has its downfalls. Namely, in order to reset the console, users have to physically get up and go press the reset button manually. Admittedly, this is how the original console worked, too, but in this day and age people are annoyed when they have to leave the couch for a task that could very easily been integrated in the controllers. The other issue, and also one that the gaming world has come to take for granted, is that the SNES Classic features wired controllers, which greatly limit range and user interaction.

This is where 8BitDo comes in the picture. They can’t fix the reset issue, but they did produce wireless controllers that have been designed especially for the SNES Classic edition. If you also have an NES Classic edition console and 8BitDo’s wireless Retro Receiver, you’re in luck, because they are also compatible with the SNES Classic console, pending an upcoming firmware update. If not, get yourself the SN30, it’ll make your gameplay experience much more enjoyable.

The SNES Classic edition is available now for $79 – a reasonable price for those who, like me, get nostalgic for the good old games they grew up with. The wireless controllers are available at a handful of retailers (including Amazon) for $49. It might seem a bit pricey, especially considering that you can get the SNES console, 21 games and two (wired) controllers for $79, but if you intend to get the most out of it, you might decide that it’s worth the price.

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