The beloved Zombies mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 underwent an extensive restructuring unlike any seen before. Its initial format, a co-op survival mode based on rounds, focused on team progression, map expansion, and challenging Easter egg stories. However, in this iteration, it has evolved into a hybrid resembling a blend between the classic Zombies mode and last year’s DMZ mode, adding a new dimension to the gameplay experience.

Modern Warfare 3 Zombies

For seasoned Zombies veterans, the familiarity of elements like Perk-a-Colas and mystery boxes remains, yet relying solely on traditional strategies is no longer a viable option. Navigating the revamped Zombies mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 introduces an entirely fresh approach to survival. Embracing these tips and tricks becomes paramount for you and your squad to endure the blend of familiar and novel threats awaiting you.

In What Way is Modern Warfare 3 Zombies Different

In What Way is Modern Warfare 3 Zombies Different

Understanding the mechanics of MWZ is crucial before diving into a successful Zombies run due to its substantial departure from past modes. MWZ mirrors DMZ but now you’ll be greeted with zombies on the map as well. You and a team of two others find yourselves in Urzikstan’s open map, among eight other teams of three.

Unlike DMZ, you won’t be competing against other players in this mode. Winning isn’t the objective; instead, it’s about maximising gains and surviving.

Naturally, the map will be overflowing with Zombies everywhere, but there’s an additional challenge—PMC (Private Military Company) human AI enemies that patrol various areas, adding complexity to the scenario.

An essential tip to note: MWZ operates on a strict timer. Each game session lasts precisely one hour. Beyond this limit, those who haven’t extracted or perished will face elimination, losing all of their progress.

How Do The Loadouts Work

How Do The Loadouts Work

In Zombies mode, loadouts differ significantly from standard multiplayer setups, catering to the unique features of this gameplay. As you confront a distinct threat and pursue more tailored objectives beyond player combat, optimising your loadout becomes crucial.

In your initial run, you’ll receive Contraband Weapons—preset firearms with fixed attachments, alongside slots for equipment, field upgrades, and acquisitions gathered during the match. Acquisitions encompass items like Perk-a-Colas and killstreaks, which you can deploy immediately or choose to extract for future runs.

Insured weapons, obtained within the match or unlocked via other Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 game modes, offer customization freedom. Unlike other weapons, an Insured weapon remains retained even upon death during a run, albeit with a cooldown period before reuse. Initially equipped with a single Insured weapon slot, players can eventually unlock two additional slots for enhanced loadout versatility.

Look For Contracts to Receive Perks and Weapon Upgrades

Look For Contracts to Receive Perks and Weapon Upgrades

In a Zombies match, accumulating Essence is paramount as it serves as the primary currency for essential in-game purchases like wall weapons, perks, and weapon upgrades. While dispatching zombies offers a modest Essence boost for each undead defeated, a more efficient strategy involves promptly engaging in Contracts to amass substantial currency required for perks and field upgrades.

Contracts, visible on your map, require activation to initiate. Prioritise completing one or two Contracts at the earliest opportunity. Subsequently, head towards the closest perk station or weapon upgrade location on your map to allocate accumulated Essence. This proactive approach ensures efficient utilisation of resources for necessary enhancements during the gameplay.

Try To Complete Acts

Try To Complete Acts

Acts in Zombies mode serve as the counterpart to Faction quests seen in DMZ, constituting the primary objective for every Zombies endeavour. These missions boast multilayered challenges, restricting players to one active mission at a time, and intensifying in difficulty with each successful completion. Acts are structured into Tiers, and as you progress through these tiers, you unlock subsequent Acts along with cosmetic rewards. Additionally, reaching certain milestones within Acts occasionally grants permanent upgrades, such as additional Insured weapon slots or expanded backpack capacities, enhancing your overall gameplay experience.

Keep An Eye on The Threat Level And Escape Whilst You Still Can

The Threat Level

Upon landing, swiftly consult your map to identify zones delineated by colour. Zones without colour signify low threat, yellow denotes medium threat, and the small red section indicates high threat levels. These classifications determine the Zombies’ resilience and aggressiveness, as well as the variety encountered. The higher the threat level, the greater the risk posed, but it also promises superior loot and Contract rewards. However, exercise caution; avoid rushing into the red zone immediately upon landing. Instead, progress gradually, completing contracts and improving your gear before venturing deeper into higher-threat areas.

Timing plays a crucial role in your survival strategy. Eventually, three extraction zones randomly materialise on the map, offering a chance for escape. However, waiting until the last moment to make a move for extraction isn’t advisable. Initiating the helicopter’s arrival triggers a massive zombie onslaught around your location, demanding survival until the ride arrives. The helicopter waits only 45 seconds before departing, followed by a 60-second cooldown before it can be summoned again. You have multiple chances for extraction, but be mindful; once the red zone encompasses an extraction spot, it becomes inaccessible.

Final Words

The evolution of Zombies mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is a testament to its adaptability and the thrill it offers to both veterans and newcomers. The fusion of traditional elements with innovative gameplay mechanics brings a new dimension to survival, demanding a strategic shift from familiar tactics. Understanding the nuances, from loadouts tailored for the mode to navigating through Acts and managing threat levels, is pivotal.

Embracing these strategies becomes the linchpin for enduring the relentless challenges this revamped mode presents. Remember, in the midst of the chaos, timing is everything—balancing progress and caution until the opportune moment to make a daring escape. With these tips and tricks in hand, fortify your squad, gear up, and venture forth into the unpredictable realm of Modern Warfare 3 Zombies, where survival is the ultimate victory.

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