Are you playing Minecraft on the PlayStation 4?

Then here’s what you need to know about the big update that just dropped this month.

The update isn’t that large -coming in at 239.8MB – but packs a ton of content in such a small download file.

Update 1.9 include the new crossbow weapon, a texture pack, and the addition of shields, among other things.

Other objects added in this update include looms, lecterns, lanterns, and enchanted books.

There is also the small chance that leaves could drop sticks with the 1.9 update. Along this line, dead bushes can be used as fuel for the furnace.

The texture packs added include the Minecraft Texture Pack and the Classic Texture Pack.

“Jellie,” the community cat, was added to the game as a variant.

There are also wood blocks and stripped wood blocks as well as the new banner pattern.

You can destroy chorus flowers with arrows. You can heal cats with raw cod or raw salmon. If a creeper is killed by a stray, it has the chance to drop a record. Two new recipes were added for rabbit stew and beetroot soup.

The update also added the ability to dye wool and glass to make carpet and stained glass.

Sponges will also dry out when place in a warm weather biome or the nether. There were also trophies added with the 1.9 patch.

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