The Block Puzzle game is the reimagined version of Tetris that you must have played for hours as a kid. Remember those blocks falling from the top of the screen, and you had to move the blocks left or right to place them properly so they fit the pieces on the game board? If you do, getting the hang of playing Block Puzzle won’t take you long.

The reimagined version has been made fit for online gamers who lack patience and seek instant gratification. The online Block Puzzle games have several twists that give it a new flavor. Players can experience the thrill of the challenge by competing against real-life online players. There’s also a countdown clock to make the game fast-paced, and the objective is to score the highest before the timer runs out.

However, unlike Tetris, the online Block Puzzle game is not never-ending. The game ends when the timer runs out, and the player with the highest score is declared the winner. You don’t get any do-overs. The only way to redeem your score is to play a new match, and each session lasts for about three to five minutes. Therefore, playing a quick game is possible no matter where you are.

It is an exciting game and a fun way to keep yourself occupied. Continue reading to learn more about the game’s aspects and how you can gain entertainment and earn money simultaneously.

The Online Block Puzzle Gameplay

As mentioned earlier, the game comes with its challenges and twists. Unlike Tetris, no blocks are falling, and you don’t have to move them left or right for their proper placement on the game board.

Typically, in an online Block Puzzle game, you will get three blocks at a time, and they will appear on the screen’s bottom. Once you have placed all three of them, you will find three more pieces appearing. Since you don’t know which piece will come next, the game is highly unpredictable, and it will keep you on your toes.

The game’s objective is to place the differently shaped block pieces on the board to create vertical or horizontal lines. When complete lines are created, the lines disappear and make more space for placing blocks.

Although the controls are simple drag-and-drop, it will take some time to master the game. You can play practice leagues for free to sharpen your skills and learn innovative tactics to clear multiple horizontal and vertical lines.

Tactics To Enhance Your Winning Chances

  • You must always leave space for the 3X3 square piece because it can take up a lot of space on the game board when it appears. You cannot rotate the square piece. So, whenever you place the blocks on the board, remember to leave space for the square piece.
  • Never place blocks foolishly on the game board because you are running out of time. The game’s objective is not to dump the blocks unnecessarily but to clear lines. Do not let the timer distract you from the ultimate goal.
  • It is good to start placing blocks from the corner of the game board instead of the center. If you take up the center space, the appearance of the square piece will put you in a pickle. Therefore, it is always best to work your way from the corners.
  • It would be best to focus on cleaning multiple horizontal and vertical lines. You cannot beat your opponent if you are clearing single lines.
  • Don’t forget to play many practice games before entertaining tournaments. In tournaments, you will be competing against multiple opponents. The player dominating the scoreboard will be the winner. Therefore, it is best first to hone your skills and then partake in battles.

How Can You Earn Money Playing Block Puzzle?

The Block Puzzle game is played in 1V1 and 1VN mode. In the 1V1 mode, you will compete with a real-life opponent. But the 1VN mode lets you compete with several real-life online players, and this game mode is best-known as tournaments or cash contests.

You need to install the Block Puzzle game application, create your account, sign up using your social accounts, and check out ongoing contests or tournaments. Usually, players need to pay a small fee to enter tournaments. However, these various contests and battles offer lucrative rewards, and you can check out the prizes before paying the entry fee. Once you have entered the competition, focus on scoring the highest points, or you’ll lose out on the cash prizes and rewards.

But there is only a slight hiccup in playing Block Puzzle to earn money. First, you need to check with your state’s regulations and rules regarding games of skill and cash-winning games. If your state doesn’t condone cash-winning games, you cannot participate in the tournaments. But you can play free or practice games for entertainment purposes.

However, if your state doesn’t have such restrictions, go ahead and play Block Puzzle to stay engaged and earn extra money.

Wrapping Up

Block Puzzle is a mentally stimulating, adrenaline-rushing game that you must play at least once. It is interesting to fit the block pieces on the game board and watch the horizontal or vertical lines disappear. The game is quite challenging because players don’t know which three pieces will appear. Furthermore, the race against time and scoring higher than real-life opponents is immensely satisfying.

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