You may have heard rumors that Nintendo Switch will be one of the recipients of Grand Theft Auto’s fifth installment, GTA 5. Well, in a recent update from the publisher, Take-Two Interactive, they hinted that Nintendo’s newest console will get the latest release of the game.

Confirmation From The CEO

According to its CEO Straus Zelnick, they claim that so far as what they have put out on Switch has succeeded. Thus, this is the main reason why GTA 5 will be coming to the console. Apart from that, they have acquired great sales numbers, giving them the needed motivation to release more games on the said platform.

CEO Straus Zelnick

Moreover, Zelnick confirms that GTA 5 will be released for Nintendo Switch sooner rather than later. The CEO also added that they could also see other games from Take-Two to appear on Switch. These would include BioShock, Mafia series, Red Dead Redemption, X-Com and many others.

Forget The Rumors

Months ago, this information was just rumors, as many attempts to see the upside of bringing in games to the new platform. According to sources, the prospect of having the latest version of GTA to come to the typical family-friendly game console from Nintendo should be awesome.

Well, the rumors have now become an update since the CEO of Take-Two Interactive finally confirms this. Moreover, there are lots of other games rumored to follow the trend. Thus, it could be the start of something new and more fans are going to love this.

Release Date

Since a lot of people have already learned about this, the question now is no longer about the possibility for GTA 5 to come to Nintendo Switch. The question now lies as to when the game will be released for the favored game console.

GTA 5 release date

Obviously, Nintendo Switch is the only one not having the hit game from Take-Two Interactive, so there is a great possibility that rumors should be true. However, the one thing that fans are getting anxious about is when GTA 5 will reach the console.

Other Possibilities

There are also rumors that questions if the game console can really handle the GTA 5. Well, there is no reason to doubt that since the Switch is the first of the latest console generation, considering that the game is already 5 years old.

This is even more possible because it can handle the game even without the downscale in graphics or frame rate. In fact, this can even reach the online mode, since this has been more famous and profitable in comparison to the free play and story mode.

Final Thoughts


If you are going to consider Nintendo Switch to be the latest recipient of the GTA, then you should also ponder that the console giant has a reputation to take care. Even if Switch has many adult titles, the GTA series has been under controversy. Perhaps, parents may have a strong take on this one, since it suggests that their young kids can be exposed to a lot of violence.

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  1. You say the game is coming and a couple of sentences below you say “may be coming” is that a confirmation or just a suggestion? Because is not the same. You create fake espactations to fans and then the game does not appear on this console, be careful about what you say just for views…

  2. This is all bollocks.

    Yes 2K have put out some games and yes, they have confirmed these have sold well and want to do more on Switch.

    Logic would dictate GTA5 would feature in the equation, however this is just speculation and guesswork

    Neither 2K nor Rockstar have confirmed GTA5 for Switch…..


  3. just looks like speculations at this point. i’ll wait for an official announcement.

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