There is no clear algorithm for creating game design. There are specific tips, neutral guidelines like getting creative and testing different ideas. There is nothing wrong with them, but they also do not carry a message. They are as old as the sea, blurred and do not imply any guidance for action. And in the modern world of the gaming industry, the lack of a specific action is equated with inaction.

Some games are captivating from the first frames of the introductory video, while others are impossible to watch after three minutes of gameplay. The critical volume of video game design mistakes brings the game closer to a crash and even a first-class plot won’t save it. And if we cannot give one hundred percent clear recommendations on what to do, let’s go by contradiction and say what exactly should not be done. Avoid these mistakes and your development path will be much smoother.

Plagiarism from Other Games

Despite the huge amount of entertainment products, there is no need to rely on the fact that no one will notice the plagiarism. There will always be a meticulous player who will only need to write one devastating article to blacken your name. It doesn’t matter with what modifications you tried to hide the copy. The truth will come out anyway.

The point of creating a new game is to provide players with something completely new and never seen before. Of course, the games are similar to each other in a genre sense. But implementation, engines, design, gameplay and so on are your chance to show what you are capable of. Show that you can stand out and amaze. Do not deprive yourself of this opportunity by going down the crooked path of plagiarism.

There is a second extreme that designers can go to. Instead of copying other people’s games, they create something completely different from anything that exists on the market. They avoid any hint of repetition of any technique or visual design in every possible way and fall into a trap. Due to the fact that all the most popular trends in the gaming industry are ignored, designers risk being misunderstood.

The original design, which runs counter not only to existing examples, but also to the canons of the genre, makes the players bewildered and contributes to the failure of the game. Therefore, creativity should not resist common sense and the main criteria by which people recognize a game of this genre or another.

In order not to miss modern trends, be sure to consult with experts. 3D animation services at Kevuru Games is just one example of a successful combination of all popular trends and an authentic creative approach. There they will tell you how best to implement your idea so that it gets noticed and appreciated.

Irresponsible Attitude to Soundtrack

When it comes to visual design, designers often overlook the importance of sound and music. Good music is the finishing touch to the player’s total immersion in the atmosphere. The best scenario is when it is so integrated into the design that people do not even recognize it as a separate element. It sounds like it sounds in their head.

The music should change according to the setting. Tense moments are accompanied by disturbing sounds. The battles take place against the backdrop of dynamic and harsh music, motivating the player to use all their capabilities to win. If a certain game stage involves a countdown, the music should become more intense and exciting as time passes. The anxiety spreads to the players and they rush so as not to lose without realizing it. Therefore, it is very important to consider the musical aspect.


Game design is an aspect in which you have no room for error. The competition in the gaming market is too high. One successful game overshadows hundreds of others with its eclat. But they, too, could have a perspective if the designers had not made a fatal mistake. If you are not sure that you can provide a decent design on your own, entrust it to an experienced outsourcing studio. It could be video game outsourcing at Kevuru Games. This company has developed a large number of games and unrivaled art in a variety of styles. All of their projects are top-ranked, and their game downloads exceed a million. This team will definitely help you avoid the mistakes we have outlined.

Elias Stevens is a freelance journalist, personal chef, and tech enthusiast.

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