Fornite. You have heard about it, you have read about it, you have probably already played it a million times by now, and just like you, there are thousands (if not millions) of people in the position as you, waiting for the game to be available for Android.

Now, there are extremely heavy rumors that the game will be available to be played on all Androids dispositions whenever the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launches since it is expected to be announced either the same day or close to that date.

However, getting to play Fornite on your mobile device won’t be as easy as you would think since the company that created the game has some rules on their own about how to download Fornite.

Fornite for Android won’t be available in the Play Store.

Although fans of the game were pretty happy to find out you could soon play the game on any Android device, they suddenly went mad when the news the game wouldn’t be available on the Play Store came out.

You see, you will be able to play Fornite on your phone or tablet, but won’t be able to download it through the Play Store, as you would normally do, but through an APK link on a website.

The news came to a shock for several reasons, the first one being, it could open up the gate for many hackers and cyber attacks. There’s already enough fake links about downloading Fornite for android as it is, now imagine how many fake APK there will be once the download is finally announced.

Why Epic Games decided to launch Fornite Mobile through an APK download.

The reason is pretty simple, Epic games are saving themselves a huge ton of money. You see, if there to put Fornite available to download through Play Store, they would have to pay Google a 30% of their sales, which is a lot, considering the game is free, and most of the revenue comes from in-game sales.

The decision made by Epic games is understandable to a certain state, however, it poses a serious concern to the gamers and fans of the games, considering how dangerous it could be to download the game straight from any website, instead of simply getting it from the Play Store.

What do the fans have to say about this?

People aren’t happy with what is going on, especially because they worried about the possible malware, which is a pretty common problem when it comes to Android users.

Fans and gamers all around the world understand the decision taken by Epic Games but now Google, as a company, should be doing something about it. Because although they do have a solution to malware, which is Play Protect, an App that scans and checks every android app (whether you got it from the Play Store or not) it doesn’t really work as well as it should be.

The situation proves Google isn’t really worried about the safety of its users, but about getting the 30% cut from every creator that sells their apps in their store.

Last, but not least, it is important to mention fans believe there is a very strong rumour about Google making a full-on gaming platform, which will explain why Epic Games decided to ditch Play Store and go for an APK download.

However, no matter what triggered this particular decision, you will be able to get the download link for Fornite Mobile APK on August 9th right here.

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  1. It was a right decision to share the game online and not on the play store. Google charges too much for these kinds of FPS games.

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