It’s tough to tame an eager audience, and for fans of the long-running Borderlands series, the wait for the next game is all too real.

That’s why fans, desperate for any and all news related to their favorite property, might be more gullible than most, especially when visiting a website with the sequel’s anticipated name. was giving users an auto-download

In this case, a website called was giving users an auto-downloaded Microsoft Word document that was password protected.

What a scoop, right?

Could be the design docs or something related to Borderlands 3, right?

Well, maybe…but most likely it is malware according to the consensus on the Reddit forum dedicated to the issue.

Borderlands screenshot

One user visited the website and got the auto-download described above. And most everyone thinks it is malware, which has caused a bit of a stir since the dot-com address is so directly related to an anticipated sequel to one of the biggest first-person shooter franchises out there.

While many users have pointed out that antivirus software can be notoriously sensitive, the general consensus is that the document is malware and probably not even an official web address owned by Gearbox Software.

Fans Are Ready For The Next Borderlands Title

One thing is certain: Fans are ready for the next Borderlands title, and the past week has shown that on the Internet.

Four Borderlands 2 cosplayers at C2E2 2013

Tons of articles are flooding the web, discussing everything from what fans want to see in the next game to general hopes for the franchise in general. 

Reset Era even has hopes that the next Borderlands game can “save us” from shallow experiences like Bethesda’s upcoming Rust clone, Fallout 76.

What Form Borderlands 3 Will Take Exactly

That said, a lot of people are wondering what form the game will take exactly and a lot of gamers worry about that in particular.

This is because a lot of the popular titles out there involve multiplayer, online, and microtransactions – three things that most hardcore gamers really loathe.

Then again, there are those gamers who say that this direction is not only inevitable for Borderlands but is a natural evolution of the formula. Pointing to the success of Activision’s Destiny, many fans think the next Borderlands will ape this experience to a large extent. What this means is that there will be a vast, online community and a ton of content focused on multiplayer and driving a games-as-a-platform service.

Online Move Will Mess Borderlands Series Loot System

One thing that a lot of people like about the Borderlands series is its loot system which has been compared favorably to titles like Diablo. As a core feature of the game, many people worry that an online move will mess with this key feature, possibly undermining it in unforeseen ways. The worst way would be for microtransactions to take precedence over organic growth and development of the player character.

A screenshot of borderlands gameplay

Naturally, no one knows anything until Gearbox Software reveals what’s going on with the next Borderlands title. But we have a feeling that something is coming soon, especially given the activity of late. We’ll keep our eyes focused on the horizon and update you with what we find.

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