It is a well-known fact that cooking releases stress, but do we know any idea about cooking games, are they worthy enough to invest some time playing them. Cooking itself is a therapy which outlets creativity and de-stress the mind. But, cooking to be relaxed without knowing the way to cook can be a real mess. Investing lots of money in buying the cooking ingredients, cutting and chopping them on cutting board, then cooking the food, following the authentic recipe and in the end cleaning your kitchen counter and dishwashing sometimes become a real chore.

But what if it can be done just by sitting on a couch or an easy chair???

Believe me, it’s true. Now it is just a touch away to be relaxed and cook. Of course, you cannot eat it but it is providing you a break from anxiety and stress. Virtual cooking or cooking games are the new arrival in action pack, racing, Match-3, and other hyper-casual games but they have made their space very early and have grabbed the attention of cooking lovers.

How are cooking games also relaxing?

Simply, it is a matter of management and creating a whole setup of a restaurant where the player is not only cooking the food but also working as a waiter, as an owner and an interior decorator. It’s a combination of different management and artistic skills which makes player involve completely.

It looks very easy in the beginning but as the levels increase it becomes harder and more manageable. In the reward of completing each level player experience new cuisine, a new restaurant and different type of customers every time, this makes the game new and fresh and no one gets bored.

In all the great variety of cooking, baking and restaurant establishing games the one I like most is COOK IT!


It is a production of FLOW MOTION GAMES, a new cooking adventure for GOOGLE play store and APPLE App store. It has so many features to like with some slightly annoying issues. But in a whole it is a good, enjoyable and relaxing game.



Some of the cooking games require dragging of food into pan or plates and require dragging also to give it to the customer. For decorating the restaurant or for the up gradation of food and restaurant require the same dragging technique.

“COOK IT” provides you an easy way. It is a simple tap to play game and needs a single tap to perform all the activities, which helps the player to put less effort to complete all the tasks.


This is a feature which is not available in most of the cooking games. COOK IT not only provides you a cooking challenge but it has some specific spaces in every new restaurant where you can put different decorative items like wall-hangings, table-chair setup, floral arrangement. It’s a way forward then other cooking games, because it makes that restaurant a place its player wanted it to be for his/her customers. Shortly saying it gives you your dream restaurant site that stays completely in your control.


Every cooking game has its own colorful graphics similarly COOK IT has. It has bright food colors which look yummy and appetizing. Every restaurant has its own beauty according to the place and traditions where it exists. Every new restaurant has variety of cuisine different from the last one.


Although it’s a cooking game but it also challenges your skills and expertise. It looks easy to play initially but as the levels increases you require more attention, tips and tricks to complete the task. It gives you all the chances to become a professional chef and allows you to manage every task in your restaurant professionally and attentively.

With all these irresistible features to play it a little trouble you may also feel like:

  • Wait for a new restaurant coming soon.
  • Sometimes a player has to spend real money.
  • Sometimes it gets crashed and restarts itself. But in new and updated version I felt this issue is resolved the team, Great keep it up team.

In a whole this a fun game with lots of challenging tasks, unique ideas and best graphics which help the player to enjoy every bit of it. I strongly recommend all the cooking games lovers to install it and enjoy the provided fun.

Jennifer Dawson

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