The Sims is a life simulation game that was first released last February 2004. To date, this video game was 94% most wanted game by players. In fact, it became the best-selling computer game of 2014 and 2015.

Now people are waiting when will be the next release of The Sims 5. This is a revolutionary game because it is played of all age groups. So, either young or old can play the game. That’s what make it interesting.

The last released is Sims 4 which is usually still one of the bestselling video games however some fans were disappointed because there were features mostly removed from the last three versions.

Just like famous apps nowadays, most updates are on body appearance and texture.

Based on rumors, players can now change hair color, hairstyles and lengths. The facial textures can be customized already like changing the colors of the eye bags, putting dimples, filter the nose and philtrum button which makes the character more beautiful.

They can change eye colors, modify wrinkles and eyebrow, change the skin tone base on the players preference compared to previous versions.

Added Features where they can do modifications:

  • Facial texture
  • Eye color
  • Skin tone
  • Body modifications
  • Extra makeup
  • Home furnishing
  • House surroundings
  • Parking facilities
  • Stairs and basements
  • Doors and windows
  • Beds
  • Animation and sound effects

Wishlist gathered from the users of the game:

  1. Improvement on the imaging features and options like building backgrounds.
  2. Better customization for life elements
  3. Upgrade or return of routine careers
  4. Improvement on neighborhood characters
  5. They should return important game play elements
  6. More player controls
  7. Mouse cursor calibration and graphic compatibility
  8. Resolve the issues like the freezing and crashing of the program
  9. More customization to build mode
  10. Careers and jobs should be more realistic
  11. They should add sports related to science
  12. Babies should be realistic
  13. More food and drink choices
  14. Cars and boats should have a bigger word
  15. Eliminate the loading time of the game

The Sims 5 is said to be released this 2019 but there is no update yet as to when is the exact date of the said release. While waiting for the latest released better enjoy fist the previous version of The Sims.

We have seen that new version of this game are coming, SIMS adds a range of emotions which helps you to take a variety of decisions in the game.

This will help to share your store with an ease. Players can also control the engagement of Sims with others. Thus, the new version of this game, the user should be able to control the brain and the heart of Sim.

For those who want to address some bugs on the previous versions, you might want to check their website so you can raise feedback, suggestions or any comments that way they would be able to add more enhancements for the betterment of the game.

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