Developer 2.21 has secured the rights to Adeline Software’s Little Big Adventure series and will release an updated version of the games.

Twinsen's Little Big Adventure Remastered

They have now released a small trailer for the release, showcasing how Twinsen’s adventures from the mid-90s will look in Unreal Engine 5. Since the games will be in a completely new game engine, the developers have stated that they will essentially be rebuilt from the ground up.

Twinsen’s Little Big Adventure Remastered – First Look Trailer | AG French Direct 2023

This means that the entire game world will be in 3D, along with a range of new features, including improved controls and the ability to quickly switch weapons. Currently, it is unclear when these games will be released, but one of the games will receive a playable demo during Steam’s Next Fest from June 19th to 26th.

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