Headphone company Urbanears is no stranger to the world of speakers, thanks to its previously released line of Connected Speakers: the Stammen and Baggen. This time around, a new entry is being included in the company’s line of Connected Speakers. Say hello to the Urbanears Lotsen, the smaller — and not to mention cheaper — sibling to its aforementioned predecessors.

Urbanears Lotsen: How is it Different From the Stammen and Baggen?

As part of Urbanears’ Connected Speakers line, the Lotsen is practically identical to the Stammen and Baggen. What sets it apart is its size: the Urbanears Lotsen is a notably smaller speaker. Though its size has decreased, the Lotsen still packs several features into its compact body.

The Lotsen, though smaller, still offers multi-room audio and Bluetooth capability. With this, users will be able to expand the range of their audio to several rooms through the use of different devices under Urbanears’ Connected Speakers line. Like its predecessors, the Lotsen also features preset Spotify or Internet radio stations and sports the same two-dial control scheme. This control scheme allows adjustments for volume, as well as switching between Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AUX, and the aforementioned preset radio stations.

Moreover, despite being a new entry in the Connected Speakers family, the Lotsen still maintains the overall look and aesthetic of the Stammen and Baggen. Thus, its design is seamless across its bulkier — but similarly-designed — siblings. The Lotsen will also be available in six colors, which will range from the likes of “goldfish orange” to “plant green.”

Urbanears Lotsen: Price and Availability

Another important detail about the Lotsen that makes it unique within the Connected Speakers line of Urbanears is its price. As some may recall, the Baggen — which is the biggest in Urbandear’s Connected Speakers line — comes at a hefty $450. On the other hand, the Stammen — which is a little smaller — runs at $350. This time around, the Lotsen sits at a more affordable range with a $199.

The Lotsen’s price may come as a relief to some, as the prices for the Baggen and Stammen were formerly perceived as a bit too high of a price tag. This makes the Lotsen all the more appealing, as although it is smaller, its competitive price makes it a cheaper and more appealing option should you delve into Urbandears’ world of Connected Speakers.

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