As Consumer Electronics Show (2018) is around the corners, LG seems to be more than ready to notch things up and unveil the largest OLED display in the world. It comes in the highest resolution; with 33 million self-emissive OLED pixels (7680×4320), 16 times more than FHD (1920×1080) and around 4 times more than UHD (3840×2160). Moreover, with this never-seen-before 88 inches TV, you will not have to compromise brightness for better resolution! This one of a kind CES gig is glowing with encouragement to expand the visual sphere of experience. The Korean epic television is set to provide unprecedented picture quality that is literally out of this world; it brings black to ultimate perfection and creates unparalleled authentic and life-like colors. Even though there is a 77 inches display that comes with 4K high-resolution offered by many, like Sony and Panasonic; even by LG. This newly born never seen until this date display is bound to beat the former 4K high-resolution television. Though many 4K OLED screens are leaving stores around the world, LG will have to take an extra mile in order to make it a standard in the market.

The Korean company has been keeping some of the details like the price, features and the market release date a complete mystery. Looking at the game LG might have to face from other companies in terms of pricing, like Samsung, that already has an 88 inches TV for the price of 20,000$; which is the same price for LG last year’s release for a 77 inches screen. This could mean that the extra inches and higher resolution will come at a big price. However, it won’t be long before they officially make the announcements during the CES next week. Ever since 4K screens have become affordable around the globe, it was time for an upgrade; the 8K television. LG was too excited to show off their recently developed creation and obviously couldn’t wait for the CES.  They boasted about creating this milestone in the era of 8K televisions with a quick glimpse on paper; which made everybody eager to witness the real-life display! Considering the quality of LG’s latest releases, there is a huge chance that this will be the most spectacular display panel ever revealed.

It is highly expected that the CES 2018 will encounter other 8K screens; however, LG’s 88 inches screen will definitely be the cherry on top.

This is not by any means a disclaimer that you shouldn’t purchase the 4K display or feel upset about already having one because it will take quite some time before the 8K display hits the market. Moreover, the price might also need time to become affordable. It is still not an easy task to find 4K content, let alone 8K content to stream. This next generation technology is offering smoother and much more delicate picture due to the tiny sizes of the pixels, along with much wider viewing angles; which is a dream come true for many consumers.

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