Have you ever wondered why vloggers and social media influencers have the best-looking photos and videos?

While the rest of us depend on golden hour and natural lighting to get the best selfies and take the best videos, these professionals can shoot any time they want. All they need is an excellent ring light.

Now, it’s very easy to find a ring light online. The question is: which of them can give you the best lighting for your videos?

One of the best in the market today is TONOR TRL-20 | Amazon, USA, an all-in-one ring light that has everything you need to create clear TikTok videos, YouTube content and Instagram photos. It can even make you look good while doing back-to-back Zoom meetings.

What the TONOR TRL-20 has to offer

For only $49.99, you get a lot of great features with the TONOR TRL-20 ring light, making it a great investment for excellent quality photos and videos.

So whether you want to be more confident during Zoom presentations or you want to get more subscribers by producing high quality content, here are just some of the reasons the TONOR TRL-20 is an excellent choice:

It has a dimmable ring light.

You’d want a ring light that does more than just one job and thankfully, the TRL-20 delivers on all fronts when it comes to good lighting. For starters, it comes with three color modes, cold, warm and natural, with each mode having 10 brightness levels.

You can also play with different color temperatures from 2700K to 6500K depending on what you’re shooting and the available natural lighting.

The TRL-20 also boasts of an 80-90 Color Rendering Index and 500-8001m Luminus Flux. This gives you professional quality lighting that you can fully control, whether you’re making TikTok videos or filming a YouTube video. You won’t find all these features in a lot of expensive ring lights on the market today.

It is easy on the eyes.

Some ring lights can be extremely uncomfortable to the eyes, but not the TRL-20. Made with 160 high quality LED lamps, this 12” ring light offers a much better brightness than the standard 10” light.

Since LED bulbs are used, you can expect the lighting to be comfortable on the eyes to prevent eye glare. The light can even make your skin look a lot smoother on camera.

It lasts longer than the typical ring light.

Sure, there are cheaper ring lights on the market, but do they last long? Maybe not. The TONOR TRL-20, on the other hand, is made only with the best quality materials.

According to the TONOR website, the LED bulbs that are fitted into the ring light features electrostatic shielding technology and overvoltage protection so they can last for up to 20,000 hours of usage.

So if you’re always vlogging or attending Zoom meetings, you can rely on the TRL-20 to do its job for a really long time.

It has the right accessories.

A good ring light doesn’t depend on the light itself. You also need the right parts and accessories to make sure that you can use it conveniently when shooting.

The TONOR TRL-20 ring light comes with an upgraded tripod stands with an adjustable height from 16” to 52” and it can hold up to 3 kilograms even if it just weights 680 grams. It also has four retractable sections and it’s designed for stability with its non-slip rubber and triangular shape.

The ring light also has a smartphone holder that’s compatible with most devices. This holder is completely adjustable, so you can easily position it at an angle that you desire for a shot or to maximize the brightness from the ring light itself.

You also get a USB cable, Bluetooth remote trigger and manual with your purchase.

It’s very user-friendly.

If you’re like most people who only know a little about lighting, the TRL-20 is your perfect choice for a ring light because it’s very easy to operate. Just set up the ring light and tripod, plug in the power adapter and start taking photos or recording videos right away.

The TRL-20 also comes with a Bluetooth remote control that allows you to adjust brightness and play with other features even if you’re using a ring light for the first time. This saves you a lot of time because you don’t need to walk back to the light every time you want to adjust its brightness.

It is very versatile.

The TONOR TRL-20 is definitely one of the most versatile ring lights in the market today. It’s not only perfect for shooting every day photos and videos, but it is ideal for professional use like photo shoots, makeup tutorials, marketing content, video streams and Zoom conference calls.

A lot of photographers even use this ring light in their studios because of its excellent performance. And for only $49.99, you’re getting a lot of good value for your money.

The verdict

In a world filled with a lot of selfie rings and ring lights promising to deliver excellent results, TONOR is one of those companies that walk the talk by offering one of the best ring lights that you can find today with the TRL-20.

With this product, you can make your videos look more professional and interesting because it gives you the ability to fully control how you use it to improve lighting during your shoots. The TRL-20 is also a far cry from its competition because of its ease of use.

You don’t have to be a technician to come up with the perfect brightness or angle for your shoots because this product makes things easy for you. A lot of thought was even put into building the ring light itself so you can make sure that it will be worth your investment.

So if you’re a vlogger, artist, corporate executive or social media influencer, the TRL-20 is definitely an excellent choice for turning your content from blah to wow.

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