Seriously, how cool are drones? If you have been procrastinating about investing in one, there has never been a better time to take that leap of faith and become the proud owner of your very own drone. They are also becoming one of the most asked for gifts for birthdays and Christmas by youngsters growing up in the technological age, who are keen to explore this past the realms of video games. Before you go shooting off and researching suppliers of cameras and accessories online, there are a few things you need to know.

Don’t Run Before you Can Walk

Drones, like everything else, take some getting used to. YouTube is littered with videos showing the maiden flights of drones which have resulted in epic failure. Imagine how you will feel if you spend hundreds of hard-earned dollars on a state of the art quadcopter only for fragments of it to end up strewn across the land when it’s had a close encounter with a tree or electricity pylon. You think this won’t happen to you? So did all those folks online especially from The Tech Quarters. Go and get yourself a cheap model to practice with. You may end up buying a few of these depending on how quickly you pick up the necessary skills but better to learn as you go than jumping in at the deep end and sinking without trace.

Drones for Kids

There is a growing range of mini-drones specifically intended for use indoors. These are a great way for kids to get used to handling a drone but keep that bathroom door locked! These models are operated by apps on smartphones and offer all sorts of features that make them easier to use for small hands. Look for those models which offer altitude assistance, a hold feature that eliminates the need for constant adjustment of the throttle to keep them steady when taking pictures.

What Do You Want it For?

This is the $64,000 question you need to ask yourself before you buy your drone. Do you want to take aerial pics of your neighbourhood? Do you want to eventually get into the highly competitive world of drone racing? Or do you simply think they would be a cool thing to own? How you answer this question will determine just how many dollars you are going to have to part with. This is why doing some serious research at the beginning is vital. Find out what you want your drone for and in turn, you are saving yourself a lot of time and money further down the line.

Make Sure You Live in a Drone Friendly Zone

Drones have gotten themselves a bad name, thanks to unscrupulous journalists using them to take pictures of the rich and famous when they are relaxing in their heavily guarded grounds. As well as the obvious drone exclusion zones around airports, military bases etc, many parks are now banning them as well under an invasion of privacy laws. If you are caught flying a drone in a banned area, you are liable to a hefty fine and could get your drone confiscated; not a great result for a few minutes of fun.

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