Slated to be one of the hottest gadgets of 2021, Prima Projector is the first-ever pocket cinema. This sleek, portable projector can project full HD, 3D, and 4K video at up to 200 inches on any surface.

Brand new projection technology from Texas Instruments and a powerful Android operating system make Prima much more than a projector. It can hold all your apps, photos, videos, and games—just like your phone or tablet. And, it can stream all your favorite shows and movies just like your smart TV. The only difference is that Prima can project a cinema-sized screen onto any surface. And, it can fit in your pocket.

For all these reasons (and more that we’ll discuss below) we think Prima will replace TVs in homes across the globe. Prima’s projection is bigger and clearer, and Prima is a lot easier to pair with your wireless and wired devices.

It won’t be a question of IF projectors like Prima will replace TVs, but WHEN you’ll be able to get your hands on one (and at what cost).

A lucky few were able to get Prima for a special introductory price of over 60% off. Those have since sold out, but a few more will be available for 50% off during the second tier of early-bird sales.

Let’s take a look at some of the stand-out features of the Prima pocket cinema.

Bigger and Better Picture


If you’re not familiar with modern projection tech, you probably have a bad opinion of projectors. When most people think of the projectors, they imagine the clunky machines they watched movies on in primary school. These grainy and dim projectors are a thing of the past.

Modern machines like Prima have reached a level of projection similar to the projectors found in cinemas.

Prima’s DLP projection was developed by Texas Instruments to be bigger and brighter while fitting in an impossibly small package.

With Prima, you’ll enjoy full HD images at up to 200 inches with zero picture distortion or quality loss. And, it supports 3D and 4K projection. Can you imagine watching 3D movies projected at 200 inches? It feels like you’re walking into the scene!

TI’s projection is also 4x brighter than other projectors. This makes a big difference, as brightness is what gives colors their definition and vibrancy in a projected image. Prima has deeper blacks sharper colors than you’ll get from other projectors.

Runs on Android

Prima has its own operating system, quad-core processor, and 8GB hard drive. That makes it more like a computer than a projector.

Because of its computing power, you won’t need to link other devices to the projector. You can stream, game, or work directly from Prima. Just download your favorite apps directly to the device. You can access all of the 3M+ apps from the Google Play store, such as Netflix, Steam, Instagram, YouTube, and more.

Prima also connects to WiFi, so you can surf and stream from anywhere. It has a similar dashboard and interface as a smart TV, and it even comes with a remote control. But, Prima is a lot more versatile and share-friendly (more on that below). It’s not hard to see why people are taking their TVs off the wall to make more room for Prima’s cinematic projection.



When it’s time to go, you can take Prima with you. It’s not like other “portable” projectors that require a shoebox-sized carrying case or are so fragile that you break a sweat carrying them to the car.

Prima is the first projector that’s actually pocket friendly. It is about the same size and weight as an iPhone 8, making it as easy to pocket as your smartphone. It also comes with a protective sliding door that guards the sensitive lens and a carrying pouch to protect the touchscreen surface.

Whether you’re going to the great outdoors or to a party next door, Prima can go with you with no prep. Its internal storage, long battery life, and built-in speakers ensure you can use it with no strings attached.

Though, if you take it on any serious adventures, we recommend getting a carrying case.

Built-in Audio

Projector audio is one of the biggest fails in the tech space. Most projectors feature terrible speakers that you can barely hear. Prima has fixed this problem by including powerful micro-speakers that are isolated from the projection chamber. This allows for much louder audio that won’t risk vibrating the lens.

Prima’s Hi-Fi speakers won’t deliver booming audio by any means, but they are plenty loud for a living room or meeting room. The audio is also clear and nuanced. It doesn’t have the tinny sound of other projectors.

For use on the go (or used as a Bluetooth speaker for music), Prima’s speakers are a big improvement on the norm.

Instant Casting and Mirroring

It’s MUCH easier to cast and mirror using Prima than it is on a smart TV. Prima connects to WiFi and Bluetooth, and it comes equipped with software to enable seamless screen sharing with Apple and Android devices (you can screen share with other OS’s too!). This means you can toss anything from your computer, phone, or tablet onto Prima instantly and enjoy cinematic projection.

Casting is also a breeze. Put the big game on Prima in an instant and experience life-sized thrills. Or, play your favorite games in 200 inches. You can cast to Prima without losing the functionality of your device or taking up storage on Prima’s hard drive.

50% More Battery Life

PRIMA 4K (3).png

Maximizing battery life in a powerful projector isn’t easy, but Prima managed to squeeze out an extra hour of life compared to similar projectors. You can expect 3 hours of playback, which is enough to enjoy a 2+ hour movie. Most projectors won’t last through a Marvel movie before shutting down.

Another unique feature of Prima is its use as a Bluetooth speaker. You don’t have to project anything to keep the party going, or you can just enjoy your tunes on the go. When used as a speaker, you can expect a whopping 30 hours of battery life—many more than most Bluetooth speakers.

Universal Compatibility

2 (1).jpg

One of the main reasons that Prima will replace TVs is that it’s so easy to use with EVERYTHING. Prima can connect to any device and any operating system you can imagine. You can connect to your speaker system, computer, phone, tablet, gaming system, camera, and so much more.

Prima connects wirelessly via Bluetooth or WiFi, but it also has tons of ports. You can connect via HDMI, USB, DC input, and 3.5mm headphone jack. It also has Micro SD and TF slots.

Whoever wants to connect to Prima can do so in an instant. This makes it great for family gatherings and parties. Finally, there’s no need to take the TV off the wall to find that elusive HDMI port!

Ditch Your TV and Get Prima Now (for 50% Off)

Why stick with your old TV when you could have a universally compatible, go-anywhere cinema with 3D and 4K capabilities? There’s no reason not to make the switch.

Well, there might be one reason—the price. Prima is a premium projector with the latest tech from Texas Instruments and Android, so it doesn’t come cheap. But, if you manage to grab one for 50% off during the early-bird offering, you’ll get the best in modern projection for a steal. There are still some left as of the writing of this article.

With your order, you’ll also get FREE shipping to anywhere on the globe and a FREE accessory bundle worth $100, including a tripod, remote, HDMI cable, and more. Don’t miss the opportunity to get your Prima Projector for 50% off!

Learn more and get your Prima Projector today at

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