Almost three years ago, Philips Hue released its smallest bulb yet with the Hue E14 Luster, which is only 77mm long compared to 106mm for other E14 bulbs from the company. However, it can only display a shade of white, so if you want a cozier warm white light or a completely different color, the only option was still to buy the larger E14 bulb.

Philips Hue

However, it seems to be changing as the smallest bulb appears to be coming in a more advanced version that can shine in the white spectrum and various colors. There is also a smaller E17 bulb with color that Hue has been selling in Japan for two years.

HueBlog, which reports on the bulb, does not know when it is expected to be released. However, they speculate that it may be launched either in June or September, as Philips often tends to unveil new products during that time of year.

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