Nintendo has officially announced an upgrade to the DS portable gaming console.  It is called the DSi, maintaining the trademark double-screen (DS).  The new unit features a larger 3.5″ display, while becoming 12% thinner than the previous DS model.  The DSi does not include a GBA cartridge port, which means the console can no longer play GameBoy and GameBoy Advance games.  Otherwise, the DSi is extremely feature-packed, including cameras, paint software, advanced web browser, music playback, SD slot, internal storage, and more.

The DSi will launch on November 1st (Japan) with a cost of ¥189,000 (about $178 USD), which is in-line with the current DS model.  Dates for International releases have not yet been announced.

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  1. The Nintendo DS is a great handheld gaming gadget however I consider the PSP as a better alternative specially when it comes to the kind of games it offers. The PSP offers a more serious kind of gaming which not only the kids but also the adult as well would enjoy playing. Game titles like God of War and Resistance are really entertaining and addictive. Sony also recently announce its new PSP GO and maybe the upgrade of DS to DSi is the answer of Nintendo.

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