The EPOS Expand Vision 1M is a 4K meeting camera that makes all participants crystal clear. Home office and hybrid work can save a lot of time by using the time between meetings to actually do something instead of spending time in traffic queues to and from the office.

EPOS Expand Vision 1M

Unfortunately, the image quality can make it difficult to follow along with meetings at home in front of the screen. EPOS promises to do something about it with its new 4K USB camera for small and medium-sized businesses, called Expand Vision 1M.

EXPAND Vision 1M

The camera has a wide-angle, 8x digital zoom, and intelligent image framing that is dynamically adjusted based on the number of participants, so you get more of your colleagues on the screen and less of the room’s walls.


meeting room setup

Perfect for bring-your-own-device meetings. With a simple one-cable interface you can connect speaker, display, internet and power via a USB/HDMI Hub.

Price and Availability

The EPOS Expand Vision 1M will be available from March 2023 and the price is €699.

Mor info: Epos

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