The Moshi IVR alarm clock features TimeSet technology and is the first alarm clock that requires only voice commands to set the time and alarm. Using IVR Technology, Interactive Voice Recognition, commands are initiated with a simple “Hello Moshi”.  The system responds by asking “Command Please?”. The device’s IVR technology uses a mixture of HMM Phonetic Speaker Independent Recognition software and Neural Net software, which makes it possible for the clock to understand numerous accents and enables large vocabulary recognition. The alarm clock is always listening, screening conversations, and waiting for the keyword “Hello Moshi” to initiate commands.

Novel clock users will love the convenience of the Moshi IVR Alarm Clock. No more getting out of bed to turn it off.  You can ask Moshi the time while you’re getting ready for work, and it’ll also tell you the current temperature. A night light is included as well.  The Moshi IVR alarm clock is a great tool for blind and visually impaired individuals, and the World Blind Union endorses Moshi because of its simplicity with verbal commands.

Listed below are the voice commands available when using Moshi:

Sleep SoundChoose 1 of 3 available sleep sounds
Play Sleep SoundPlays 5 minutes of the sleep sound (3 minutes for travel size)
Today’s DateTells you today’s date
TemperatureTells you the current temperature
Night LightTurns on the night light
HelpOffers a help menu of assistance
TimeTells you the current time
Set TimeSet the clock’s time by voice
AlarmTells you the alarm time set
Set AlarmSet the clock’s alarm time by voice
Alarm SoundChoose 1 of 3 available alarm sounds
Turn Off the AlarmTurns off the alarm, and gives current time, date, and temperature

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  1. that just looks awesome! Although im not sure your 1st words in the morning are likely to be hello moshi!

  2. This thing is horrible!! We have to repeat the info at least 10-12 times to get it to set to the right time. we’ll say “10:30” and it’ll set to 4:27 or some such weird numbers…I hope there’s a version 2 because this thing is dumpster bound!!!!

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