What level of noise-canceling power would you need to switch off the world around you? Mobi earbuds have answered that question.

And, surprisingly, it’s not ANC power that’s important, but ANC intelligence.

Mobi’s brand new hybrid ANC tech is assisted by artificial intelligence to cancel the full frequency of ambient noise. When you put these earbuds on, the world around you turns off. All that exists are you and your music.

These premium earbuds also feature a 100-hour battery, IPX6 waterproof protection, and massive 12 mm drivers for studio-quality sound.

When we put them on, we thought we were wearing over-ear studio headphones. They’re that good.

Below, we’ll give you our full take on the new Mobi Earbuds. If you’re short on time, head to Mobi’s page right here and pre-order your pair now. If you grab yours soon, you can them for just $75 (about 60% off the retail price).

Let’s get into it.

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Key Features of Mobi Earbuds

These are the features Mobi brings to the table. Some of them are totally new, so we explain them in more detail below.

  • Next-gen hybrid ANC
  • AI audio management
  • Oversized 12 mm drivers
  • 100-hour battery life
  • Weatherproof (IPX6)
  • Ergonomic no-pressure fit
  • Quad-beamforming mic
  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • Touch Controls
  • Digital assistant access (Siri, Google, etc.)
  • Wireless charging

Mobi fits all of these features into a pocket-sized package. And at just $75, they’re an absolute steal.

Mobi’s Hybrid ANC Explained

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Mobi’s most innovative feature is their hybrid ANC. This new ANC tech improves upon the standard hybrid model and incorporates the AI for flawless full-frequency noise canceling.

Here’s how it works.

Like standard hybrid ANC, Mobi uses a feedforward and feedback mic to cancel noise more comprehensively. The feedforward mic captures ambient noise from its location on the earbud’s exterior. The feedback mic listens to what you hear from within the earbud and corrects the ANC using that data.

Here’s where things get funky: Mobi has ANOTHER feedforward mic to detect even more ambient noise.

You might be thinking: Are two feedforward mics really necessary?

Two mics make a massive difference. With an additional feedforward mic, Mobi can detect a sound’s location and movement. It can also triangulate your location to capture sound from a 360˚ field around you.

It’s a bit like the difference between having one eye and two eyes. The extra mic gives Mobi’s ANC depth and range. With that extra data, it can cancel noise from the entire audio frequency range, and it can do it with fewer errors than other ANC programs.

Now, onto the feedback mic. This part of the hybrid ANC is assisted by the AI. The feedback mic listens to your music with you and corrects any sounds that get through the ANC barrier. It also corrects any errors that the feedforward system makes. The AI recognizes over 6000 unique sounds, so it knows exactly what your music should sound like.

Mobi’s ANC is so advanced that it can detect changes in air pressure within your ear to cancel noises made by your earbuds shifting.

As we said before, smarter ANC is better than stronger ANC. But Mobi are plenty strong too. They pack a punch at 30 dB of sound-nuetralizing power. By comparison, Apple’s AirPods Pro only have 20 dB of max power.

You’ve never heard ANC like this before from true wireless headphones. It’s like turning the world off with a tap to an earbud.

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AI-Managed Headphones

AI has officially taken over Mobi. Many of its functions are assisted or controlled by its AI algorithm, which helps to improve audio quality, ANC, battery life, calling, and more.

The AI uses its database of 6000+ sounds plus the distance and movement it detects from the 6 microphones (3 on each earbud) to calibrate the optimal sound quality for you and any callers. It can deliver studio-quality sound and crystal-clear calls no matter where you are or how noisy your surroundings.

We also love the AI-powered transparency mode. It’s a separate ANC mode that you can turn on and off. This mode allows certain sounds to pass through the ANC barrier, keeping you safe and aware when you’re on the go.

The AI listens to your surroundings constantly and targets sounds that you need to hear, such as sirens, alarms, voices speaking to you, and digital assistants like Alexa and Google Home. When these sounds are detected, the AI lowers the volume of your music and passes them through the speakers to your ears.

This is really helpful for bikers, runners, and commuters who get around on foot. Mobi’s ANC is really powerful, so it’s nice to know you can stay aware of the important sounds around you.

It’s also nice that you don’t have to remove your earbuds to have a chat with the neighbor or order a coffee. Now, you can leave your earbuds in and let Mobi’s AI do all the work.

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Bigger Sound from 12 mm Drivers

12 mm might not seem big, but these are the largest drivers we’ve ever seen in a pair of premium earbuds.

That means bigger and better sound, as any headphone junkie will tell you. Larger drivers reverberate more air molecules to create clearer and richer sound. Mobi’s drivers are 50-100% larger than all the others.

When you put them in, you feel like your music is all around you. It almost seems like surround sound! This is enhanced when you activate the hybrid ANC. You actually feel like you’re wearing expensive over-ear headphones in a sound-proof studio—even if you’re actually on the bus.

Even more impressive? The bass. These earbuds THUMP with some serious bass that you can feel in your gut. We’ve never liked using earbuds for House and EDM music. Mobi are starting to change our minds.

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Weatherproof and Durable

Mobi are smarter than other earbuds. They’re also tougher. You can tell just by looking at them that they can take a beating. The oversized speakers make them look hefty enough. They’re also reinforced and sealed to keep debris out and prevent damage from shock.

Go ahead and throw them in your bag. They can get knocked around.

With an IPX6 waterproofing rating, Mobi can handle any type of precipitation. From light rain to a hurricane, they won’t let you down. You can even shower with them on.

Another big perk is that the carrying case is also waterproof. It’s so annoying when other brands make their earbuds waterproof but not the case.

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100-hour Battery Life

Deep down on the list of Mobi’s features is its 100-hour battery life.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough to get us to fork up $75 for a pair of headphones!

Mobi earbuds can go for 10 hours per charge, and there’s an additional 90 hours in the carrying case. A total of 100 hours of power means you can listen for 90 minutes a day and not need to plug in a charger for 2 months.

Given Mobi’s many mics and its AI algorithm, how is this even possible?

The AI assists the battery too! During the noise-canceling process, Mobi’s AI adjusts the ANC levels to only use the necessary amount of neutralizing sound. Other headphones put up a wall of ANC, which uses max power all the time. Mobi’s ANC is smarter, and it uses power much more efficiently. This saves a huge amount of battery power.

When your earbuds finally shut down, you can power them back to 6 hours of playback with just 15 minutes of charging in the carrying case. The case itself charges fast too—100 hours of playback in just 2 hours. It charges via USB-C fast charging and Qi wireless charging.

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Description automatically generatedAt $75, You DO NOT Want to Miss Mobi

Mobi are the first true wireless earbuds with ANC and audio quality that rival over-ear headphones. They make your music so much more immersive. And, they beat out Bose, Sony, and Apple in terms of ANC, battery life, waterproofing, and more.

How do these headphones cost just $75?

Actually, they don’t. This is the price you pay ONLY if you pre-order, which you can do right now, right here. The pre-order phase only lasts for about 7 more days, so DON’T WAIT.

Seriously, you’ll be sorry when these earbuds go up in price.

Take a closer look at Mobi Earbuds and pre-order your pair at mobiearbuds.com.

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