A “smart” Mio Pup toy can become a nice pet and friend for your kid. Don’t you want to have a real pet at home? Is it too routine and unpleasant for you to clean after it, to walk a dog or hear birds’ warbles? That is understandable. 

The Mio Pup does more than a usual toy. It doesn’t only bark. It shows its emotions. The doggy walks, talks and even grooves. Sounds really impressive, huh? That’s not the end of the list of the functions of the dog. Thanks to new Emototronic technology you will see in your pet’s eyes more than 100 images of its moods. 

The dog can be also dressed if ‘freezing’, given a bone if ‘hungry’. Of course, it doesn’t need any early walks, it shouldn’t be cleaned after.

But it seems to me that any child from 6 years old will be glad to have such a toy. You can explain to him that the doggy also needs his care. It will develop your kid’s responsibility.

The gadget is really nice. But it doesn’t really seem alive. It’s not fluffy, so it can’t be a stroke. I think it could have been made with some hair. I think that the dog can’t be called cute, its eyes are too big. And, the most important thing is that it is a toy. I guess that a living creature brings more pleasure, happiness, and good mood. An alive dog has real emotions, it can be taught different commands… Yes, we can’t compare a toy and a real dog.

Everyone chooses by his taste. But the toy remains a toy anyway; it has its own advantages. Have fun and try to train your Mio Pup! Who knows, maybe you will.

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