Microsoft continues to invest in its enormous whiteboard screen, the Surface Hub, and has now revealed a new version, the third in the series, eight years after introducing the original Surface Hub.

Surface Hub 3

Perhaps the most significant feature of the Surface Hub 3 is its support for something Microsoft calls “Smart Rotation,” a feature that allows the screen to switch between horizontal and vertical orientation during ongoing sessions. You can see how it works by jumping to 4:05 in the video below.

Introducing Microsoft Surface Hub 3

The Surface Hub 3, like its predecessor the Surface Hub 2S, comes with 50 or 85-inch touch screens with 4K resolution. It supports the use of two styluses simultaneously on the screen, allowing multiple people to draw on the screen at the same time. Microsoft also claims that the Surface Hub 3 offers 60% higher CPU performance and 160% higher GPU performance than its predecessor.

The Surface Hub 3 will be released later this year. Its pricing details are currently unclear. In the USA, the 50-inch model of the previous Surface Hub 2 costs around $9,000, while the 85-inch version is priced at a hefty $22,000.

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