Over the recent years, we’ve seen many different and innovative screens come onto the market, whether that be tv’s that can roll up or others that are as big as some walls in your house. These crazy designed tv’s normally have a few prototypes come out first before the real deal, which does dull their surprise a little, but the 97-inch LG OLED Wireless TV is one that has surprised a lot of people. 

LG’s 97-Inch OLED Wireless TV

The first feature that will definitely catch you by surprise is just how big this TV is. 97-inches is extremely big and this one just happens to be the biggest OLED TV in the world. The OLED display is the one that is able to provide viewers with the best picture quality, which makes it just that much more impressive with the huge size that it comes in. The size and quality of this tv didn’t really come as a surprise to many since LG had already announced these features last year but one of the biggest surprises yet with this tv is that the massive 4K image that this tv is capable of displaying will be possible without any wires. That’s right, all of these amazing features that this TV offers to you should be available for your purchase sometime this year, 2023.

When it comes to the physical build of the TV itself, it doesn’t actually have any video inputs, if you look at the back of the TV, where you would normally find these inputs, you’ll just be greeted with blank metal. LG has introduced this design as an idea to try and reduce the wiring, which has been an age-old problem of having a nice TV installation. So, now with this wireless technology, you’ll be able to just hide your AV gear as well as your transmitter box away in your cabinet so that everything is neat and out of sight. All that you will be left with after doing these things is the single power cord, which the TV needs to work, but even this wire has been artfully hidden by LG in the inside of one of its stand legs. 

A wireless TV definitely isn’t a necessity because there are a number of different TV stand options out there that will be able to hold all of your gear. However, when you take a look at the LG TV, with its wireless connectivity, standing all by itself it will look a lot more impressive than your other ‘regular’ wired TV’s out there and will definitely be able to simplify your wall-mount installation if you were to go that route instead.

97-inch LG OLED Wireless TV

Then when it comes to the wireless transmitter box, it is able to be located up to 30 feet from your TV and for those that are scared that it may be harmful to sit between the tv and the box, you don’t have to worry because it uses similar technology to standard Wi-Fi routers, meaning it won;t be dangerous. This phenomenal TV is able to support up to a 4Km 120 Hz resolution, which is perfect because that is the maximum for a lot of the games that are coming out nowadays. 

All the gear that you will be using with your TV will need to be plugged into the backside of your connection box, which has three HDMI inputs, which is one less than what most other high-end tv’s have but is definitely not a total deal-breaker. The other ports that come with this box include: antenna, 2 USB, Ethernet and optical digital out and finally a serial port,which is used for home automation control. 

If you are someone out there who is just looking to get a cheaper wireless tv setup then there are wireless HDMI extender kits that you are able to purchase for about $100, although they won’t be able to handle the high bandwidth that this tv can, they could be a great alternative. Other than wireless tech appearing in older tv’s as well as projectors, this is really the first premium tv with built in wireless technology that the market has seen, especially in its size and with its display quality. 

Even though there hasn’t been a specific price announced for this tv, we can look at LG’s wired 97-inch OLED TV that costs $25,000, which means that the wireless option will definitely not be cheap. 

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