H2O iDive Underwater Speaker and iPod CaseThe H2O iDive 300 is a speaker that works underwater and also features built-in housing specially designed to fit an iPod. Connection is done inside the speaker housing so that your iPod remains safe from the water.  The unit works with several current and previous model iPods.  The iDive is waterproof up to 300ft, making it a perfect solution for those who’d like to listen to music or watch video while scuba diving, free diving, or snorkeling.  The H2O iDive is designed to allow video playback to be conveniently seen underwater directly through the speaker.  The iDive 300 is being sold for $349.99, and is immediately available for purchase.

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  1. Like you say, it sounds like a great idea for scuba divers and the like, who can spend hours underwater at a time. I’ll have to get one for my brother for his birthday; he loves his scuba, and music!

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