When traveling, whether for business or leisure, it’s always important to gather the gadgets you’ll need for your trip. Some are essential, some are fun, but forgetting any of them can make for an unpleasant trip. For the sake of being obvious, we’ll assume that you don’t forget your laptop or cell phone.

Here are some of the less-obvious gadgets that you may want to consider when traveling:

1) IOGEAR Portable Media Player

IOGEAR Portable Media Player

With the ability to store 50 DVD movies on its 120 GB hard drive, the IOGEAR Portable Media Player is quite possibly your best friend on travels. It is tiny compared to other PMPs and offers the unique ability to convert standard definition content up to 720p HD resolution. Even better, you won’t be stuck paying $9.99 per movie in hotels. This little gadget will hook into just about anything that can play movies.

2) Mobile Printers

When doing business abroad, don’t assume that you won’t need a printer when you reach your destination (or when you’re on the way). It’s always good to be prepared in the event printing is required. Trying to hook up to someone else’s printer requires drivers. Transferring files to computers that already have printer hookups results in inconvenience from the transfer as well as any security concerns. Then, there is always the potential for a printer to not be available at all. When considering mobile printers, size matters. It’s probably better to take a more compact solution and sacrifice a little speed.

3) Video Eyeware

You’re probably wondering why you will need video eyeware. When traveling, there is one thing to always keep in mind — there is always someone looking over your shoulder. Therefore this gadget should definitely be in the list of your top gadgets for travelers. This nifty little piece of technology, the EnVision Video Eyeware, gives you privacy and the ability to be completely unobtrusive to travelers around you. Before you say “but you have to connect to your laptop to play”, check out. the product information.  You’ll likely be surprised at its capabilities.

4) Portable GPS Navigation

Trying to rely on maps and directions when driving in unfamiliar territory can be an unnecessary burden. Many car rental companies charge a super-premium price to have a vehicle with navigation. For those who travel and rent often, a portable GPS navigation system is perfect for keeping on the right path.  We have mentioned the Garmin GPSMAP 640 GPS navigation system previously.  Another option, the portable GPS by Delphi, has many features and an attractive price tag.  The unit allows you to input places on your itinerary to receive directions, saving time and energy during the trip that can be spent on more important things.

5) True Global Travel Plug Adapter

If you will be traveling internationally, remember that the power outlets overseas are different from one another. Gadgets also have different plugs. Having the means to power up may sound simple, but without a tool like the Travel Plug Adapter, you may end up being out of juice, out of luck, and out of time.

Regardless of where you travel or how often, having the important gadgets with you can make or break a trip.  The best thing about all the gadgets mentioned is that they can all fit in one nice, neat travel bag for placement inside a suitcase or work as one of your carryon bags.

Business is all about being prepared. This information should make preparation easier and your trips a more enjoyable experience.

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  1. I love the eyewear…it just seems perfect for gaming 🙂 and watching movies on the tube instead of all those staring faces…not that they won`t be staring when you use this kewl gadget!

  2. Depending on the type of travel you do, if you carry gadgets with you, you increase the risk of damaging them.

    While spending some time in the air during the previous weeks, I realized that I too am at fault for not considering the abuse I put my iPod through, for example. Maybe the fact that it’s heavy has something to do with it, but in a way, I feel that it is protected from most situations I put it in (the bottom of my backpack, with everything else crammed on top, for example). I’m not saying that we should wrap our mobiles, MP3 players, and laptops in bubble wrap, but perhaps if we took a little time to consider their safety, we’d save ourselves some money too. An example would be having protected cases for devices, etc.

  3. The universal plug adapter is key if you are traveling outside the United States. I bought my mother one when she went to Britain and Poland, and she said it was perfect. The one her sister bought didn’t even work! Depending on preference, a Sony MP3 player could be an option too. The Sony MP3 player plays videos and usually has 8gigs…

  4. @Allan McDougall and magma3637 – Yes, we have evaluated several different brands. Most of them have very similar quality/functionality. They’re not for everyone, but for most, they work well. For those with peripheral vision issues, though, they are not the way to go since the display is presented as the equivalent of +/- 50″.

  5. Nice post. Well thought out and well laid out. BTW, have you tried that eyewear? I’ve heard of it but never from anyone who has tried it first hand–I’m curious to hear a testimonial. Will keep up with this blog; very cool.

  6. Others you may want to consider are true portable power! Check out powermonkey and powergorilla! powermonkey is for small devices and allows you to take upto 96 hours of power and the powergorilla is for your laptop (2-5 hours of power). Pluse they are small and can be charge by solar power, as well as USB and a wall plugin!

  7. If you are a true road warrior, then I personally believe the portable printer is a must have. There is nothing I hate more than having to find a business center to print my boarding passing. In some instances I’m forced to go to the airport without a printed boarding pass…that I really hate. With a portable printer, that headache is elimiated. The reviews here are correct, the portable printers are not fast, but what you get is great if printing boarding passes is your goal.

  8. Not one single thing there that is of any serious value. If these are things you think you need, check the definition of ‘want’ vs ‘need’. Nonsense. Get a life.

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