Flipbac Angled Viewfinder and LCD Screen Protector for Digital CamerasThe Flipbac viewfinder helps customers snap angled photos from the hip, without having to kneel, or take candid portraits that include your own face. The angled viewfinder is ideal for experimenting with photography by taking photos from uncommon perspectives.

Flipbac Features:

  • Easy shooting from low angle or ground level positions
  • Take accurate pictures from unusual positions, including ground level, waist-high, or overhead
  • Snap candid, natural, and relaxed portraits
  • High quality LCD screen protector shields the camera when not in use
  • Viewfinder supports angles of more than 180 degrees for both landscape and portrait orientations
  • Compatible with most digital point-and-shoot and SLR cameras with 3″ LCD screens

Pricing information has not yet been released, but should be available from the official product page soon.

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  1. This could be useful for me since I’m unable to lift a camera to my face, and do all of my shooting “from the hip” (hehe).

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