If you aren’t up to date on the greatest new technology trend in recreational transportation since the invention of the skateboard in the 1940’s, meet the Electric Unicycle (EUC). The EUC in a nutshell is the futuristic, fun mode of transportation closest to the famous “hoverboard” fictionalized in the Back to the Future movies and mastered by the iconic Marty Mcfly. For anyone unfamiliar with them, here are the important, unique benefits of the modern phenomenon known as the electric unicycle:

  • Easy to use – CPU guided and controlled by leaning
  • Modern electric take on a classic unicycle
  • Fast (5-18 MPH based on settings and make)
  • Fun Small and lightweight (Approximately 20-30 lbs.)
  • Holds up to 220+ pounds (based on model)
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Even though the EUC can top 15 miles an hour and it is certainly fun to zip through crowds on one, riders must master the unicycle before going fast. Starting slow and getting used to the nuances of the EUC is the safest way to learn to use them, but this generally doesn’t take long, as the modern monocycles have intuitive CPU’s that read body weight and shifting, so learning to steer, start and stop the EUC is pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

There is a huge market for electric unicycles now, with a number of companies entering the industry to take advantage of the booming sales and growing global imports and exports of the units. There are a number of models available, but a handful of great ones. Certainly choosing the best electric unicycle is important, but is subjective, though excellent reviews like Hover Patrol can help interested consumers navigate the market to find electric unicycles that fit their unique needs.

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Meanwhile the EUC market continues to build and grow as demand far outweighs the current supply, and as people learn about this hot new trend in fun, alternative, economically friendly transportation. The units are designed with safety in mind, with universal safety classifications such as the Ingress Protection (IP) rating system that rates the unit’s safety in regards to handling solids and liquids. There are 2 digits in this ratings system, the first rating safety in regards to solids and the second in relation to liquids. A 66 rating or better is considered an extremely safe and well-built unicycle. This means that the unit is dust tight and safe from damage from strong water jet damage. Depending on need and extremity of use, as some experts like to put their EUC’s through the ringer, in some cases a higher rating is desired but honestly, anything 65 and up is good for the average unicyclist.

With ease of use, simplicity of design, ease of handling and storage, and endless practical and entertainment applications, the demand for the EUC is likely to grow for quite some time. These  intriguing, fun modes of transportation, like the skateboard of the last century, are likely here to stay.

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