The Chinese company Siweifushe has developed a mobile accessory that makes it possible to kiss people at a distance via your phone.

long lost touch

The accessory is called “MUA” and is named after the sound that can occur when you make a kissing sound. The inventor behind MUA and the founder of Siweifushe says he developed the accessory while he was a student at the Beijing Film Academy after he couldn’t meet his girlfriend due to COVID-19 pandemic-related isolation measures.

Robot lips invented for long-distance kissing

Inside the MUA, there are small motors that begin to move when the user receives a kiss from a sender, and the accessory also heats up slightly to better simulate a pair of real lips. One MUA costs 260 yuan. So far, Siweifushe is said to have sold 3,000 long-distance kissing accessories and received orders for an additional 20,000, according to The Guardian, whose news report about MUA can be found above.

The device is available in several colours with the same unisex lips. It has received mixed reviews, with some users saying it was intriguing whereas others said it made them feel uncomfortable. Among the top complaints was its lack of tongue.

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