Whether you plan to use your tablet to stream movies on an occasional basis, or want to stream live television programming on a portable device, screen size, resolution, internet capabilities and other streaming friendly features count the most. With the right tablet, you can stream both full length movies and television shows in real-time using VIDGO, Amazon Prime Instant Video and Sling TV when and where it is convenient for you. Make sure you get the best viewing experience available by choosing a tablet with the best streaming video qualities available now.

How the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Measures Up

Streaming video subscribers are apparently big fans of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, and not just because of its sleek designs and bevy of features. Most people use their tablets to solely stream movies rather than build their in-house collections, mainly because of their limited storage space capabilities. With the Galaxy Tab S2, up to a whopping 128GB of additional storage space is made available, opening up the possibility of hosting a cache of multimedia files. Coming with a powerful core processor and a front mounted camera, the Galaxy Tab S2 is a top pick for users who enjoy streaming video.

Streaming Video on the Apple iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is an obvious favorite, especially with those who have been following this Apple product since its inception. While you may want to use your iPad Pro mainly to stream videos, it’s number one enticing feature is the accompanying Apple iTunes store, where approximately a million compatible apps wait to be explored. Some of these apps include video streaming services like Netflix, while other apps are designed to enhance the video watching experience. The Apple iPad Pro comes with a 9.7” screen, perfect for watching videos live. With this tablet, you’ll be able to pick up and drop live video streams at extreme ease, which is a major plus for those with multiple streaming service subscriptions. The iPad Pro is far from cheap, but it is a great investment for those who want stable video streams with crisp picture quality.

Microsoft Surface 3 Streaming Capabilities

Part tablet, part laptop computer, the Microsoft Surface 3 boasts a 10.8” screen that vividly displays clear video in high definition color. This is another tablet that comes with a long lasting battery life, which is exactly what streaming video fans look for specifically in a tablet. Users get 64GB of disk space for downloading streaming video software, among other things. Features such as the micro USB charging port, SD and full USB slots make it possible for users to connect the Microsoft Surface 3 to their TVs for even more impressive video streaming capabilities. Lightweight and easily integrated with other Microsoft products, the Surface 3 has a lot of power when compared to similarly priced tablets.

Watching Live Videos on the Amazon Fire HD 6

Although the Amazon Fire HD 6 is most compatible with an Amazon Prime Instant Video subscription, you can use virtually any streaming service with this tablet. Its long lasting battery gives users access to hours of uninterrupted video playback time, while its touchscreen features let people pause, rewind and replay with a single tap. The Amazon Fire HD 6 comes preloaded with a bounty of useful apps, so you can get on the web, check your email and start streaming videos as soon as you get your device powered on. The main drawback of the Fire HD 6 is its notably small screen size, which can make watching full length movies difficult. On the other hand, this is the only dependable tablet with video streaming features that you can buy for less than $100.

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