Consistent moviegoers will find Anker’s portable projector to be a dream come true. Known as the Anker Nebula Capsule, the device doubles as both a home theater projector and Bluetooth speaker in one. Its charm is all the more appealing thanks to its compact size. Here’s what you need to know.

What is the Anker Nebula Capsule?

While Anker is best known for making power banks and cables, it now brings something else to the table with the Nebula Capsule. About the size and shape of a soda can, the device is a small projector that simultaneously boasts of being a Bluetooth speaker. Though this is not the first time Anker has delved into portable projectors, the Nebula Capsule is definitely the most compact within the Nebula line.

Despite its size, the Nebula Capsule packs a punch. Its 5,200mAh battery gives it four hours of power when used as a projector. On the other hand, when used as a Bluetooth speaker, the battery can last for up to 30 hours. Moreover, it projects at 100 lumens with a resolution of 854×480. This may be a noteworthy detail, as it means that the Nebula Capsule may not be able to project in a brightly lit area. However, it performs perfectly under dark lighting conditions.

In terms of sound, the Nebula Capsule’s speaker is powerful in its own right. It may not be in the same league as the Apple HomePod, but it can definitely offer some quality audio in spite of its small size. The Nebula Capsule’s dual capability of being both a projector and Bluetooth speaker gives it an edge, as its two-in-one feature means more convenience when traveling with the device.

On the software side of things, the Nebula Capsule makes use of a custom version of Android. Known as Aptoide TV, it is based on Android 7.1 and comes with several applications right off the bat. This includes the likes of popular video streaming services, such as YouTube and Netflix. Interestingly, Aptoide TV does not make use of Google’s Play Store. Regardless, the Aptoide Store still offers other apps that users can enjoy with the Nebula Capsule. Not limited to simply the video side of media, music apps, and social apps are also available to download onto the device.

Controlling the portable projector is not limited to its physical interface, either. The Nebula Capsule comes with a remote which can be used to control the device’s basic functions. Additionally, there is also its accompanying mobile app, which can be useful when the need to type in text arises.

Price and Availability

The Anker Nebula Capsule costs $349. It is now available for purchase on Anker’s website.

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