8 Incredible iPad Pro Accessories To Look Forward To

On September 9 Apple announced the iPad Pro, a new addition to their iPad line up. Where Apple’s iPad Air and iPad Mini were updates of their predecessor, the original iPad, the iPad Pro is an entirely new model. Although it has a similar design and shape, the iPad Pro has a 12.9 display and has Apple’s fastest processor ye, the A9X, as well as 4GB of memory.

Although the device won’t be released until next month, there are already plenty of accessories available. Here are a few of the best ones that have already been announced!

Apple Pencil


Apple’s first-ever stylus the Apple Pencil was announced at the iPhone 6S event with the iPad Pro and will be released in November. Although it may look like various other styluses available on the market, its precision when drawing or writing on the iPad Pro is without comparison. The Pencil’s latency is very low, so there’s barely any noticeable lag in response time, plus it is pressure sensitive and detects angling for shading. Despite Apple’s infamous problems with battery life, the Pencil can last up to twelve hours and has a built-in Lightning port.

Apple Smart Cover


Like the iPad and iPad Mini before it, the iPad Pro will have its very own Smart Cover. The cover attaches to the device via magnets, protecting the iPad’s screen from damage whilst you’re not using it.

When you are using your iPad, the cover is easily detachable. Or, you can use the Smart Cover as a stand.

Apple Silicone Case


Due to the fact Smart Covers only protect the screen, Apple has decided to release the Silicone Case. The case has a cut out on one of its sides so it can be used with the Smart Cover to create a Smart Case.

Catalyst iPad Pro Case


If you’d prefer something a little more rugged for your iPad Pro, the Catalyst iPad Pro Case is a cover to consider. Billing itself as ‘the world’s first fully waterproof case Apple iPad Pro’, the Catalyst functions in up to two metres of water and features an integrated touchscreen film, which allows you to use Touch ID and the Apple Pencil.

Pad and Pencil


It may not sound all that impressive, but the Pad and Pencil is a leather sleeve for the iPad Pro that includes a pen pouch for your Apple Pencil. At the time of writing, the project has raised $7,400, having raised their original $4,000 in less than a day, with 61 hours to go.

“We took a simple yet effective approach to Pad & Pencil,” the company wrote on their Kickstarter. “By tethering the iPad Pro and the Apple Pen without the use of clasps and straps we were able to create a case that not only helps keep your merch in pristine condition, but is also flat and can be put in bags, stacked with other documents, or slid into a simple pocket.”

Apple Smart Keyboard


Finally, Apple is releasing its very own keyboard accessories to accompany the iPad line-up, and we’re very excited about the Smart Keyboard. It attaches to the iPad Pro’s Smart Connector, which can be found on the bottom side of the tablet.

Apple has said that the Smart Keyboard is extremely high quality, but many Apple fans are waiting to get their hands on it to make up their own minds. There are hundreds of tablet keyboards available, so the Smart Keyboard has a lot of competition.

Logitech CREATE Keyboard


Speaking of competition, the Logitech CREATE Keyboard looks like it may be able to compete with Apple’s Smart Keyboard. In fact, although plenty of third parties will be creating iPad Pro keyboards, Logitech was one of the first to announce theirs.

Logitech themselves have called the CREATE their “best iPad keyboard. Ever.” Plus, because it is powered by the iPad Pro through the Smart Connector so it never needs to charged and it never runs out of power. That’s all we know about the CREATE right now, but Logitech are definitely hoping to provide an alternative experience for iPad users.

Zagg Slim Book Pro Keyboard

Zagg Slim Book Pro Keyboard

Logitech isn’t the only company hoping to provide a keyboard for iPad Pro users, as Zagg have also entered the ring. Zagg’s Slim Book series has been consistently brilliant, so its good news that they’re providing a keyboard for the iPad Pro.

The Slim Book Pro Keyboard will have a two-year battery life, backlit keys and has 135 degree viewing angles but that’s really all we know right now. Randy Hales, president and chief executive officer for Zagg, said in a press release: “we are excited about our upcoming Apple iPad keyboard launches, as our passion is to provide differentiated products that enhance and protect the devices that consumers value most.

“This lineup further positions Zagg as the only brand that offers a full line of market-leading mobile accessories from keyboards and screen protection to audio and power.”

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