Macs make up over 10% of personal computers currently in use. Not bad for a single company, though maybe not surprising when that company is the most valuable one in the world.

But despite their popularity, Macs do sometimes pose problems for their users. For example, plenty of people run into problems keeping MacBook storage free and clear.

And there’s nothing more annoying than running out of storage space.

So, that being said, let’s check out a few MacBook storage tips to help you save storage and keep your workflow free and easy.

1. Keep on Top of That Downloads Folder

The Downloads folder is one the primary suspects when it comes to bloat taking up unnecessary space on your MacBook storage. Saved pictures, files, documents, pretty much everything that ends up on your computer passes through it, and it can all add up.

So make sure you judiciously delete that fluff from your Downloads whenever you get a chance. You’ll be surprised how much space you end up saving.

2. Uninstall Stuff You Don’t Use

Ever had to install an app just to open one weird type of document? Have you used that app even once since you installed it?

Of course not, but it remains there on your drive, taking up space. By making sure you throw those one-time-use apps in the trash when you’re done with them, you can end up saving a really impressive amount of storage.

3. Take Care of Duplicates

You probably have all kinds of redundant files scattered across your MacBook hard drive, and nowhere is that more true than your camera roll. Maybe it’s a great meme you saved the second, third, and fourth time you saw it, or maybe it’s 4 almost identical versions of the same photo you kept trying to make perfect.

Either way, they’re taking up room. So make sure you delete multiple photos when they’re redundant.

4. Clear Out Your Backups

The Apple ecosystem is great. Your iPhone works with your iPad works with your Mac, and so on and so forth.

Except, maybe it works a little too well. If your Mac is set to generate backups of your other Apple devices, you can end up with massive storage hogs. Make sure you’re not backing up gigabytes and gigabytes of your other devices for no reason.

5. Clean Your Email Inbox

It doesn’t matter if you’re an ‘Inbox 0’ person or an ‘Inbox 13000’ person, you very likely have a few big attachments clogging up your inbox. Delete those extraneous emails!

MacBook Storage Was Made For Storing

And there you go, our top 5 tips for keeping on top of your MacBook storage. If you’ve ever found yourself tearing your hair out over file sizes and storage, these tips should help you avoid that happening ever again.

So get out there and clear up!

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