Smoking is one of the most socially acceptable act that happens to be one of the deadliest. It has been around, all legal and ready to kill, throughout history for quite a long time; further, it is interesting how cigarettes take time to kill a smoker, however, there is almost always no time left to quit when it takes the driving seat. Realizations are always hard and pack a punch on smokers.

Quitting the habit is tough but if you are looking to quit cigarettes, there are two ways to go about this. Number one is to make a dead stop. However, trying to suddenly call it quits is one of the hardest ways to go. Research has shown that people who try to quit it with a dead stop end up relapsing in less than a month. Another way to stop smoking is to take responsibility and choose a path that slowly detaches you from the deadly act of smoking. In this case, and take it from someone who successfully made it to the greener side of things, there are quite a few gadgets and accessories to help you on your journey across the seemingly endless river.

If you are one of the braves who are looking for a way to quit, then you have come to the right place. This article comprises of 5 excellent gadgets that will not only help you quit smoking but also make it a permanent decision.

Electronic Cigarettes

E-cigarettes have been around for a long time but underrated on its use. Invented and patented during the 60’s, e-cigarette is one of the least harmful materials out there that gives you the wholesome feeling of smoking a real cigarette. The gadget releases smoke using a vaporizer implanted inside the stick which releases nicotine and nicotine only for the smoker to inhale, keeping him away from thousands of other harmful chemicals. There are several forms of vaporizer pens starting from a simple unit to vaporizers that can be customized and used with numerous flavors of smoke, both with nicotine and without nicotine.

The NicoStopper

The NicoStopper is more of a high-end gadget that you can use to quit smoking. However, the high price along with its working method is a great combination to straighten you up on your dedication to stop. This device is actually an electronic cigarette holder which limits your consumption by letting out one cigarette every certain interval. Hence, if you can limit your cigarette use only from this machine, it is a great way to progress towards being a non-smoker. The gadget also takes record of your smoking patterns and gradually decreases the frequency of output to lower consumption.

The AcuOne

The AcuOne is unique, as it uses nor cigarettes or any resembling method to help you quit. The AcuOne uses acupuncture therapy to reduce craving and gradually detach you from the habit. While one might be skeptic about this method, several success stories are out and about. The device sends silent electric signals when wore on your wrist like a watch. The signals last about 2 minutes and are activated 8-15 times a day. If you are looking for the cleanest way to quit, this device is for you. The gadget comes in different colors as a fashionable accessory that blends in perfectly with your lifestyle.

The QuitKey

QuitKey is a mini computer that takes control of your smoking. This is a good gadget for the ones who are low on will power. The gadget keeps track of your smoking when you input a record every time you smoke; the device synchronizes your daily intake and limits your smoking. If you are good with commands, this is the device for you. The only drawback of this device is that you will have to listen to it without ignoring its specific intervals.

The Filtrim

Filtrim is rather a very interesting device that perforates your cigarette paper to let less smoke in during a draw. This device also lowers the temperature of a burning cigarette which allows fewer chemicals to pass to your body. The Filtrim is a handy device which requires no electricity and is made just for your pocket.

One can only reach a desired goal by the means of dedication. If you are looking to quit smoking, there is no other time better than now. Accompany yourself with one of the five gadgets from above and take a leap towards a non-smoke lifestyle.

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