Finding the right printer to purchase can be difficult considering the endless array of options available. However, that doesn’t have to be the case.

When you know about the different types of printers available, you’ll have a much better time choosing the right one. In this article, you’ll learn about the most common types of printers in 2021 as well as the differences in their printing methods.

Most Common Types Of Printers In 2021:

1. Inkjet Printers

Printers have come a long way inkjet printers are perhaps most common because they tend to be the most affordable. You will find a variety of inkjet printers in the marketplace being sold for all kinds of prices. Best of all, you can find them available in a variety of sizes too. Therefore, you shouldn’t have a problem finding an inkjet printer that suits your budget and size restrictions.

2. Laser Printers

These are the printers that you tend to see at offices. They make for excellent volume printers because they are reliable, fast, and cost effective. If you are printing at high volume, you will likely want to opt for a laser printer because toner is cheaper than ink cartridges. Also, laser printers tend to offer superior printing resolution which is a big deal for those who want clear print jobs.

3. Label Printers

These are the printers that are gaining in popularity because of how effective they are at their intended use case. A label printer has become a viable purchase not only for offices but also for homes. After all, how much do we shop online?

With online shopping only growing in popularity, everyone could benefit from getting a label printer. Having a label printer makes it extremely easy to print out shipping labels to avoid having to cut and tape labels on your packages.

4. Photo Printers

Photo printers might have been solely reserved for professional print shops in the past, that’s no longer the case. Nowadays, you will find many consumer-grade photo printers on the market that are very useful. After all, we are taking more and more photos to document our lives.

When you are taking so many photos digitally, you might find yourself wanting to print the photos and display them in your home, at your desk, or anywhere else. While you used to have to go to the local print shop to get a professional-grade print, you can now do it conveniently from your home or office with a photo printer. These printers are still not cheap, but they are much more attainable than ever before.

5. All-In-5 Common Types Of Printers In 2021 .docxOne Printers

These are the printers that have everything you could want in a printer. They tend to include not only a printer, but also a built-in scanner for scanning documents, and more. Some of them will be able to scan to email and do other things that you might find useful.

These printers are for those that want and need everything in a printer. However, they also tend to be the largest and most expensive because of all of the features that are packed into them.

As you can see, there are a lot of different types of printers that are popular in 2021. While there are plenty of options available for each type, it shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out what printer would work best for your use case.

Think about your budget for the initial purchase and how you will be using it. That way, you can find the printer that will offer you the most cost effective printing for your needs. You also want to factor in the features the printer provides. You’ll find some offer wireless connectivity and some don’t. For many, these features are a must.

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