Productivity in the office is critical to your success. But many workers today have so much on their plates. So many day to day details that drive productivity to a halt if regular resources don’t exist. Tired of not having a clean work space due to charger cords? Is your daily warm coffee routine upset by clumsy meetings that do not allow warm drinks causing you to leave yours at your desk? How often have you found yourself in an offsite training situation without the comforts of the office projector? Struggling to make it to the modern teleconference meeting without a handy web cam? Has your fitness level dropped significantly since landing your exciting new, but oddly stationary, office role? I’d like to take you through the top 5 office gadgets that help keep high producers on track in the office.

Wireless Office Charger

First, is the means of charging an assortment of devices. Wireless pad chargers have become a game changer in recent years due to their flexibility in deployment and variety of charging devices. In the past, employees struggle with the difference in device charging ports between products (i,e, Apple vs Samsung), length of cords that make your desk top look like a pile of snakes and lack of flexibility requiring the corded device to stay in one place. With a wireless charger its as easy as emptying your pockets when you get in the office and picking up your device when you leave. The updates in technology have allowed for workers to charge more than just their cell phones, now tablets are easily accommodated as well. Some wireless chargers run for as little as $10 in today’s market. This is a stark contrast from the $200+ roll out of its type just a few years ago. Web based locations such as CloverWix offer them for as little as $25.

Mini Projectors

At times in management situation one may find it useful to have functionality of a big screen, without the cost and maintenance of a big screen. Behold, the future of mini projectors. Also a product that has steeply declined in the past few years, mini projectors are USB charged and small enough to fit in your pocket. These are great for on the road presentations and even makes it easier to use as a mobile second monitor during hotel stays away from the normal office. This can be used as an on site safety training tool to show videos and even as a versatile HR tool for displaying company updates to remote job sites. You can pick these up at Best Buy for $140.

Wireless Webcam

Another great wireless tool is the wireless web cam. These too allow for the cleanliness of a clear desk top without cords. Most companies prefer to have the next level of conference calls in the form of teleconferences which offers a more “face to face” experience. This is not possible without a web cam of sorts. Now these devices are easy enough to travel with and robust enough to take the punishment of a mobile device on construction sites or remote areas. These sorts of cameras are easily charged by any USB connection. Cameras like this go for as little as $30 at local Walmart locations.

Under Desk Elliptical & Standing Desk

Fitness and ergonomics have become increasingly popular in work spaces of the modern age. Another great use of such a device is the under desk elliptical. This allows people to burn a bit more calories while being in a stationary position in the office. Other options such as ergonomic standing desks are also great but sometimes are out of the price range for many offices. Under desk elliptical’s have even been known to be used in companies internal health based goals plans to help motivate the desk worker to be more mobile and active. You can many of these by logging on to located on Amazon.

Office Spy Camera

Oftentimes you want to see if your employees are being productive or not. The best way to do this is to have a camera within the office. While there is a debate whether its more efficient to have a camera that the workers can actually notice so they are more productive there is also a argument for having a camera that lets you spy on employees without them knowing to make sure you can see productivity issues and possible thefts. Guide by Gadgetsspy on the best spy camera.

Bonus: Desktop Coffee Warmer

Next we move on to a desk top coffee warmer. Every high powered professional has a caffeine regimen. However not every board room allows for a hot beverage. At times that leaves high performers with the only option to leave their coffee at their desk to return to it being cold and unsatisfying. With a desk top beverage warmer teas and coffees suffer no more from heat loss. A beverage can be kept toasty and warm like new while business is taken care of elsewhere. Your local Kohls offers these in stores and online for roughly $10.

While the ergonomic and functionality of many offices may have raised the standard of the typical desk ridden worker, there is no doubt that the amount of hats and responsibilities placed on employees is higher as well. Hopefully all workers can see the ease and benefit that simple devices like these can bring to the table.

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