If you’ve spent you’re hard earned money on an Apple Watch, be it the $350 model or the extravagant $17,000 version, chances are you’ll be interested in buying the best protection, chargers, docks and straps to accompany your new tech.

ArmorSuit Military Shield Screen Protector ($7)

Although the Apple Watch screen is reasonably durable, you can never be too risky. Each pack of ArmorSuit Military Shield Screen Protectors comes with two screen protectors, each designed to cover the Watch face and the curves around the edges. Even if these are scratched, they are equipped with ‘self-healing’ properties, so the damage will fade over time.

Casetify Apple Watch Straps ($70)

Depending on your taste, you may not favour the straps that come with your Apple Watch. If this is the case, there are plenty of services that offer a variety of strap designs and customization. One of the best examples of these is, of course, Casetify. Not only is there an array of diverse designs from artists around the world, these polycarbonate straps can also feature personalized picture collages.

Apple Bands ($30 – $450)

If you are still not satisfied with the amount of choice available on Casetify, you can always check out Apple Bands. The sports bands are by far the cheapest, retailing at $50, however the Milanese Loop, Leather Loop and Leather With Classic Buckle cost $150. The Metal Link Bracelet will set you back $450.

Dwiss Cover Candy ($120)

Swiss watchmakers Dwiss have created this TPU cover that slips easily over your Apple Watch and protects it from damage. These covers are currently available with a variety of finishes and straps, in silicone, leather, stainless steel or ceramic.

X-Doria Defense Edge ($30)

This protective case can be placed over your Apple Watch, similarly to the Dwiss Cover Candy, however the X-Doria Defense Edge is made of aluminum and black rubber.

Action Proof AppleWatch Bumper ($30)

The Action Proof AppleWatch Bumper, originally backed by Indiegogo, features strong rubber named laprene which absorbs impact instantly. This ensures that your Watch is safe from damage, and the case also has accurate cut-outs so you can still reach buttons, sensors, the microphone and speakers.

Lunatik Epik Apple Watch Kit ($69 – $199)

Having raised $242,176 on Kickstarter and $43,764 on Backerkit, Lunatik have been able to move from Smartphone and Laptop cases into the Apple Watch arena. These cases are protect from dust and are water resistant, so there’s little chance of damage. The basic kit will set your back $69.95, however the Silicone Band costs $139.95, the Leather Band $149.95 and the Link Bracelet $199.95.

Adappt Standard Band Adapter ($7 – $250)

These adapters slot easily into the Apple Watch’s plug and have another Watch plug on the opposite site, enabling you to wear any strap you’d like. These adapters come in plastic, aluminum, stainless steel and gold.

Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable ($30 – $40)

As the Apple Watch only comes with one Magnetic Charging Cable, it’s a good idea to invest in another just in case. The one-meter chord will cost you $30, where the two-meter version will cost you $40. It may be dull, but it’s necessary.

Wipowerband ($90 – $100)

In an attempt to combat the Apple Watch’s lackluster battery life, Wipowerband is designed to sit inside your Watch’s strap and keep your Watch charged. This plastic and silicone accessory contains a 250mAh battery, and is just 4mm thick.

Nomad Pod ($60)

Designed to fit into your bag of pocket, the Nomad Pod can fully charge your Apple Watch four times over before it’s 1,800mAh lithium polymer battery goes flat. Simply take the top off of the Pod and plug your Apple Watch’s charging cable to get going. This lightweight pod also features a four LED display that tells you how much power you have left, and a micro USB port so you can charge the Pod itself.

WaterField Time Travel Case ($49)

Ensure your Apple Watch is snug and well protected using the WaterField Time Travel Case. Available in black nylon or cowhide leather, this case features multiple padded pockets for your Watch, Smartphone, charger, ear buds and an extra strap.

Twelve South HiRise Stand ($50)

Sturdy and reliable, this stand will display and charge your Apple Watch whilst you’re asleep. Compatible with any sized Watch and strap combination, the Twelve South HiRise Stand is available in either silver or black brushed metal and features non-slip rubber to ensure there’s no risk of slipping.

Calypso Timeless Moment ($150)

Handcrafted in Europe using premium Italian leather, the Calypso Timeless Moment is a particularly elite stand. The padded leather arch features a groove for the charging cable whilst your Apple Watch rests on top, attached by a magnetic cable.

Pad And Quill Timber Catchall ($100)

This handmade wooden stand is a perfect storage place for everything you need on your bedside table. Each unit is carved from American Walnut, Cherry or African Mahogany and has four non-slip feet to keep it in place. If you’d prefer a stand for your Apple Watch instead of the entire catchall, they also create a smaller Luxury Pocket Stand ($70).

Native Union Dock ($50)

Combining matte graphite silicone and aluminum, this minimalist dock resembles a block with a peg sticking out of it to hold your Apple Watch. Although this device is small, it actually weighs 750g, so it would be difficult to knock over.

Proper WatchKeeper Dock And Case ($60)

This rectangular case features an EVA foam tray coated with soft microfibers where you Watch can lay safely whilst it charges. Outside, the exterior is entirely made of leather and comes in both black and tan. If you leave the lid open, this accessory also works as a dock.

Rest Composure Charger Dock ($80)

This weighted, walnut finish dock is great for those who would prefer to have their Watch lay flat whilst it’s charging. Rest is also planning to release a set of matching docking stations for the iPhone in the near future, which will cost $94.

Griffin WatchStand ($30)

If you’re looking for an inexpensive yet functional dock, the Griffin WatchStand is definitely a contender. Using the charging cable itself, the stand sticks your Apple Watch on the nightstand overnight. The base is padded and also features a lip where you can rest your phone.

Dodo Case Charging Stand ($60 – $80)

Handcrafted in San Francisco, these California Orchard Walnut cases accommodate your Apple Watch and it’s charging cable. There is also a suction cup on the bottom of the stand to prevent it from being knocked over.

MiTagg NuDock ($249)

Not only is this device a dock for your Apple Watch, it also comes with a lamp. Following a successful Indiegogo campaign, the MiTagg NuDock features a portable battery, an additional USB port and is built from solid anodized aluminum and strong polycarbonate rubber. This lamp-dock combo will look great on any desk or nightstand.

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