Modern technologies do not stand still and even start to take over our houses actively. But which modern inventions will benefit our home? Let’s find out.

  • Lockitron bolt

This lock uses Bluetooth to capture when you and your smartphone leave the room. The access to it can be given to friends and family members. But whenever someone enters or leaves the apartment, you receive a message on the phone.

  • Nest Cam

Nest Cam has a wide viewing angle and is able to record the clear sound without the background noises. The camera not only stores the video but also tells you at what time one or another event happened. The camera can be put on a shelf or placed on a wall.

  • Ivee

A small voice assistant which can control the whole house. Just ask it to turn off the light in the kitchen, and it will follow your direction immediately. Ivee can also play music using Spotify or call Uber. If you set an alarm clock, then the virtual assistant will wake you up on time, and tell the weather forecast for the whole day.


The waterproof cordless camera is synchronized with a smartphone. If you place several such devices in the house at once, then you can manage them, using a cloud service. You can watch images from four cameras on the screen of your phone: there is a special application for this. The system also includes a motion sensor and night vision mode.

  • Cocoon

One device is able to control everything that happens in the house. It uses its own technology that captures activity in any room with the help of sound. No additional sensors are needed. Of course, it also has a camera and a smartphone synchronization. You will receive a message if Cocoon captures anything unusual. And once the device is discharged, or someone disconnects it from the network, you will be notified about it too.


A small device keeps track of several indicators. AWAIR constantly monitors the temperature, humidity, contention of the carbon dioxide of the air, the presence of toxic components and dust. The results are summed up in a short report with an AWAIR’s own solutions to the problems offered.

  • Nest

This device controls the temperature and sets the climate accordingly. In addition, the gadget can be controlled remotely with the use of a smartphone, and it can switch itself to an energy-saving mode when no one is at home. The sharp jumps in temperature and humidity are perceived by Nest as an alarm trigger, and the thermostat will certainly send a message about it.

  • Cozy

A small thermostat can be left in the dock or taken with you. To controls the temperature around you, allowing you to concentrate your attention on your well-being. The idea is to heat and cool a particular room, not the entire apartment, so you can save energy and create comfort around at the same time.

  • Lucy

This spherical lamp captures the sunlight with a moving mirror and redirects it to where you need it. Yes, you can work all day in natural light, regardless of what light side do your windows face.

  • Smart change

A good solution for emergency situations: even if your home will turn off electricity, Smart Change will work for another 4 hours. Because these lamps are constantly saving electricity.

  • Luna

A smart blanket that will track your sleep and health is also able to control the temperature of the bed and wake you up in the morning. A simple device that will turn the bed into a smart gadget in a matter of seconds.

  • Little Printer

This magic device can print a picture, message, or note in seconds. You fill it up with a penny-worth paper, and it is ready to use. In addition, Little Printer can “deliver” morning press or fresh photos from relatives and friends.

  • June

An electric oven that looks like a dream of a futurist chef. There are temperature sensors inside, a camera, and automatic scales for your dish. Therefore, during cooking, you can get video from the inside, detailed information, and recommendations on how to make the dish better.

  • Bruno

Bruno is a smart bucket that will tell you when it’s time to take out the garbage and can collect small debris with the help of a built-in vacuum cleaner. It even has its own application that reminds you to keep the house clean.

  • Branto

Like other smart home systems, Branto allows you to control a variety of home appliances remotely: TV, fridge, lighting, heating, air conditioning, sockets, alarm, etc. It is also able to react to unexpected suspicious activity inside the premises, for example, unusual movement in the house when the owners are on vacation or at work.

Branto also features a microphone and speakers. This will allow the owner of the house to communicate with children and pets regardless of where they are at the moment.

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