It’s early morning. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and you want to smash your alarm clock into tiny, unrecognisable pieces. Alas, you’ve got a busy day ahead of you so it’s time to get up and go! To ensure you get the most out of your day, here are fourteen innovative gadgets that will make your daily routine infinitely easier.

The Transparent Glass Toaster

Simply slot your toast between the two transparent, heated glass plates and watch your toast brown to perfection. When the bread is toasted to your specific requirements, simply pop the toast out and enjoy.


This smart button helps you track your daily activity and ensures you’ll never forget that crucial task. Attach the wireless button to anything you need to remember – multiple buttons can be linked to a single hub if you need a few different reminders – and tap the button once the task is complete.

Banana Guard

Many of us take bananas to work, and if you don’t you should. To ensure your banana isn’t completely ruined whilst kept in your bag all morning, purchase a Banana Guard. These babies will protect your banana with their life.

Squishy Bowl

If you rarely find the time to eat your cereal at home or have soup for lunch, you’ll love Squishy Bowl. You can shove these things in your pocket, laptop bag, handbag or rucksack and they’ll just pop back into shape instantly. Invoxia Triby

If you live with children or housemates, the Invoxia Triby will allow them to reach you instantly. The device sticks on your fridge doors and can make calls, send texts, play your smartphone’s playlists, play Internet or FM radio and allows you to draw doodles on it.

Don’t Leave Home Without Me Tool

This tool may look a little dangerous, and we highly recommend you don’t take this to an airport or school, but the Don’t Leave Home Without Me Tool is handy as it comes with thirty-one appliances you may find necessary throughout your day. The stainless-steel all-in-one tool kit includes blades, pliers, screwdrivers and even a wood saw.


Designed with the forgetful in mind just like Droplet, Duet is great for those who often leave things behind. Attach the Protag smart device to essential items such as your keys or laptop bag and the app will alert you when you leave a 30-foot radius without it. You can then retrace your steps and find the item you’ve forgotten.


Every engine has a specific, optimum throttle, which maximises the vehicles power and lowers fuel usage. The GoFar is designed to find this point and provides data on how to drive your car to save money. This device will also analyse your driving patterns, let you know when it’s the best time to drive and best of all, it won’t distract you from the road.

Post-A-Note Pen

No post-it notes? No problem. The Post-A-Note Pen has a built in cartridge full of mini, yellow post-it notes so you can write down anything, anywhere, anytime.

Babel Fisk

If you often attend seminars, lectures or meetings that you find hard to hear, you definitely need to look into Babel Fisk glasses. Each pair comes with two microphones you can point at the speaker, and you will instantly be able to hear them better. In addition, these glasses will store audio and text files on a flash drive so you can return to the transcript whenever you need to.


If you have a dog, you’ll be more than aware of their curious nature. To lower the chances of any dog-related shenanigans during your busy day, you may want to invest in a Pet Peek. These durable, acrylic domes will allow your pet pooch to explore neighbourhoods and streets between their daily walks. Each unit also comes with an easy to follow installation guide, so you can fit the Pet Peek into any wooden or acrylic fence.

Driinn Cell Phone Holder

Simply place the hook of the Driinn Cell Phone Holder around or between the wall socket and your phone charger plug, then wrap the chord around the base and place your phone in the cradle. Done! No more tripping over or stepping on your phone.

The Lap Counter

Never has a gadget reminded me more of my grandmother. If you’re the chief chef in the household, but you also like to watch your shows or continue a conversation whilst preparing meals, simply place this portable counter on your lap. You can peel, chop and slice any fruits and vegetables required for your recipe whilst sat comfortably.

The Drinkin’ Tray

Designed by Martino D’Esposito, The Drinkin’ Tray is perfect for anyone who wants to give a good service to their visitors but lacks the skills to carry a tray of drinks without spilling everything. Each tray comes with fingers holes, which you slot your fingers in to improve your grip. Whether you’re working or have friends over, The Drinkin’ Tray will allow you to serve like a pro.

Dedon Outdoor Obelisk

When space is scarce, you need this amazing stackable furniture set. The Outdoor Obelisk, designed by Dedon, features four sturdy seats and a coffee table that can be stacked into an unobtrusive, aesthetically pleasing obelisk that takes up barely any space in your apartment or garden. There is also a smaller version that comes with two seats and a coffee table, and fits back into a spherical ball.




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