Student to student relationship is important for any learning institution because it promotes academic excellence. In addition, through this association, learners can create platforms to share knowledge on topics taught in class. Thus, many higher learning institutions are developing policies aimed at improving student relationships.

I encourage you to form a positive academic relationship with your peers. You will learn from them. The lessons obtained from other students can help you excel in class. Besides, it will be an opportunity to make new friends and build a social connection to help you after school. You can also use the positive relations you’ve built to form a study group. Here, you will revise your class notes and work together towards passing an examination.

This article teaches you how to form a positive academic relationship with your peers. These strategies may work for you. So, read more:

  1. Sit next to your friend

You will improve the quality of friendship you have by sitting next to your friend. When sitting next to each other, you can discuss common issues affecting your school lives. It is an opportunity to talk more and learn about each other’s attributes, weaknesses, and strengths. Besides, it is this person who will be your first contact on anything related to the class.

Therefore, it is better to sit next to a person who shares similar values to you. He should be understanding and sympathetic to your academic course. In case the person sited next to you does not ascribe to your ideals, you can move. Look for another space and put your desk there. It is better to be alone than to have toxic friends. They may derail you from achieving your dreams.

  1. Create a platform that links students together

Ask your teacher to help you create strong bonds in class. This includes working in groups, engaging in sports, and attending extra-curriculum activities. These are social activities that can create a positive relationship between students.

Putting students in groups is an effective way of improving their academic grades. Here, they will assist each other with class notes and academic tasks and revise for exams. As a result, you will identify your weaknesses and strive hard to improve on them. For instance, if you cannot do research, you can solve the problem by relying on an essay writing service agency.

You will not only create social bonds by engaging in extra-curriculum activities. But, you will also become physically fit. As a result, you will stay active in school and healthy. In addition, a physically active person is not vulnerable to diabetes, obesity, or other chronic diseases.

  1. Use technological innovations

The rise in information technology has made it easier to communicate with your peers. For instance, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram make it possible to send instant messages to your friends. You can use these technological platforms to create a positive academic relationship with your peers.

Create a WhatsApp group, and invite your class members to it. Put your teacher as one of the administrators. Use this technological platform to communicate anything related to the class. This includes assignments, upcoming exams, or any extra-curriculum activity associated with your school.

When you do this, you will be surprised at the quality of friends you get. You will create a communication channel between you and your classmates. As a result, you will manage to make new friends and associations.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are not the only technology platform you can use to create friendship associations. Others are very effective. Here they are:

  • Virtual escape rooms: These are online games. They intend to test your IQ level through riddles and puzzles. You can participate in these games through teamwork. Choose one of your classmates and play together. It will be an opportunity to create social bonds.
  • Email: You can interact with your peers through emails. Use them to send class notes, assignments, or communicate any issues affecting you in school.
  • Class dojo app: Through this application, your teacher can set up a student group. It provides a platform that can help maintain positive relations with your classmates.
  • Microsoft Skype: This is a technological innovation that can help you do video communication. Use it to communicate with your peers when not in class. An alternative to this technology is the Zoom video conferencing app.

Final Thoughts

Maintaining a positive relationship in school is crucial to your academic achievement. Look for friends whose values are aligned with yours. Rely on technological innovations such as Facebook and WhatsApp to communicate with your peers. Participate in extra-curriculum activities and group discussions to create a social bond with your friends.

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