Securing good marks in class 12th is an important milestone for every student that determines their success in life. Strategic preparation with a reliable learning resource is vital to secure good marks in class 12th exams. NCERT books and solutions are highly efficient study material in preparation for class 12 board exams. As maths is a crucial subject to improve results, it is ideal to start preparation with NCERT solutions for class 12 maths. It not only helps in obtaining good marks but will also benefit in preparation for competitive exams.

The board exams conducted by CBSE are usually based on the NCERT books to check the comprehensive understanding of students. The NCERT solutions based on these textbooks are sufficient resources to prepare and revise for exams. Studying and practicing through these solutions will help students to develop the proper foundational knowledge to achieve success in examinations. By practicing problems and exercises in these solutions, students can quickly build the right approach for facing class 12th board exams. Here are a few ways to utilize NCERT solutions for class 12 CBSE board exams:

Cover Full Syllabus

NCERT textbooks and solutions efficiently cover the whole syllabus without any need for additional resources. They are also readily available for students to prepare during exam time. Rather than wasting time on finding extra study material, students can start an early preparation with the NCERT solutions to get the best results in exams. The exercises and questions provided in these solutions based on NCERT books promote easy and fast conceptual understanding in students. This type of complete learning is highly beneficial for students, especially during preparation and revision for board exams. Additionally, by practicing study material based on the NCERT book, a student can attain the right temperament for competitive exams and higher studies.

Learning in a Simple Way

NCERT solutions are formulated in an easy format for students to study and develop their knowledge comprehensively. NCERT Class 12th solutions are created to efficiently improve a students’ comprehensive problem-solving skills. Students can easily learn and practice through these stepwise guides composed of solved exercises and problems from their textbooks. These example problems can also be utilized as question banks that enable students to increase their conceptual knowledge.

Improved Conceptual Knowledge

NCERT solutions are certainly efficient in improving conceptual knowledge with quality learning through various comprehensive exercises. Students can get benefitted by attempting these exercises for self-assessment. By practicing with NCERT solutions, students can also master the basic techniques of problem-solving.

Standardized Format

NCERT solutions are patterned as per NCERT textbooks to cover the full syllabus for CBSE board exams. Thus, these solutions cover each and every topic along with all important questions, formulas, and concepts to provide the effective learning of the whole syllabus from an exam point of view.

Time Management

The simple and comprehensive format of NCERT solutions saves a lot of time during exam preparation. Therefore, these solutions are ideal for students to prepare and revise for class 12 board exams. These solutions include a clear and well-structured explanation of various difficult and complex topics for students to prepare quickly.


There is no doubt that the NCERT solutions are an amazing resource for students in 12 grade but utilizing them efficiently is also important. By doing a planned revision with the appropriate study material like NCERT solutions, students can surely get positive results in their class 12 board exams. To prepare and revise for math exams, easily practice with the Cuemath NCERT solutions.

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