A few years ago, Microsoft confirmed that Windows 10 will be the final release of the iconic operating system. In fact, it was stated that instead of releasing an entirely new and varied version of its desktop OS from time to time, the company would mimic Apple and what it has done with OS X.

The Need To Evolve From Windows 10

At that point, Microsoft was supposedly going to deliver regular improvements to Windows OS via software updates. However, in a recent rumor, the update in October 2018 has left a bad taste in the mouths of users. As a matter of fact, it has caused many issues even after it was pulled out and made available once again.

As a result, the next generation of Windows has suddenly become in demand. New features such as curved designs, re-imagined Start menu, smart animations, and something that users can only dream of as a truly consistent design have been added on the wish list.

Conceptual Design

A YouTube video was released for a conceptual design of Windows 11 by a famous vlogger. Kamer Kaan Avdan has already created different videos for updated versions of Windows 95, XP, and 7 among other stuff.

Among the things that Avdan conceptualized include the redesigned Search user interface, a better dark mode, and adaptive cursors. At the same time, you can pin tiles to the desktop, which is indeed great. Moreover, the Windows 11 of Avdan comes with a stylish Windows XP theme.

Is Windows 11 Really Going To Be Released?

It was rumored by the end of 2018 that Microsoft was going to release Windows 11. This even grew stronger with the screenshot image of the list of features of the new OS. But that is not entirely a justifying circumstance because that alone is not substantial.

Based from the release date of Windows 10, which was on July 15, 2015, the supposed Windows 11 release should’ve been last year. This is because Windows 8 was released on August 1, 2012, which took 3 years before Windows 10 came in. Therefore, Windows 11 is way past its release date.

But to the content of avid fans out there, Microsoft allegedly has a plan of releasing Windows 11 in late 2019. Basically, there is nothing official about that, but you can’t blame people if they are looking for something bigger or better than Windows 10, right?

May 2019 Update

Before you get so hyped about Windows 11, there is a May 2019 update for Windows 10 that you can download anytime. This includes the new light theme, the new Windows Sandbox feature, and the new kaomoji, as well as quicker access to symbols.

You can download the update with these simple steps.

  • Just download the Update Assistant from the website of Microsoft
  • Then, launch the file you have downloaded
  • Click the ‘Update Now’ button
  • You will be able to begin the update process if your device is compatible with the May 2019 update

Alternatively, you can download the Media Creation Tool from Microsoft if you want to get the ISO and wipe your copy of the OS. A bootable USB key can be used to clean install the May 2019 update on your computer.

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