If you have Avast as your antivirus, whether because it came already preinstalled on your computer or because you decided to download it, you might want to take it down as soon as possible.

There really isn’t something that bad about Avast, it is just not enough to protect your computer anymore, and it might be causing a bit of trouble here and there (and if it hasn’t caused trouble yet, it will).

If you are hesitant on whether you really should disable this antivirus software once and for all, or if you should leave it there just in case, here are a few good reasons why you should definitely disable Avast permanently.

#1: It isn’t an efficient antivirus.

Avast is great as a first antivirus. It’s basic, it will protect your computer from simple, minor attacks, but that’s pretty much it. If you are a current internet user and computer savvy you know Avast isn’t nearly enough protection for your computer.

You need an efficient, high-quality antivirus that can actually protect your computer from any horrible cyber virus that might be out there. And sadly, Avast isn’t that type of software.

#2: It won’t let you install another antivirus.

If you are looking to update to a new antivirus system or even a WAF, then you have to disable Avast. You won’t be able to run two different kinds of antivirus software at the same time, meaning you will have to make a choice here.

Disabling Avast truly isn’t as hard as it seems, and you can get it out of your computer’s system faster than you think. Then you will be able to download a much better version of an antivirus that can live up to your expectations.

 #3: It will block your favorite websites.

Instead of being known for how a good free antivirus software Avast can be, it is better known for blocking basically every webpage you might have liked in your life.

If you keep using Avast chances are you won’t be able to access your favorite web page or site eventually, since it will be blocked by the antivirus under the warning there might be a thread.

Of course, we all want a good antivirus software that actually protects us, but the truth is, Avast makes it incredibly annoying most of the time. If you want a free access to actually save websites, you need to disable Avast permanently and switch up to any other antivirus.

#5: They share your data.

You can disable this feature and deny them access to your data, however, chances are this process will be long and tedious. So, instead of having to fight to get your data where it belongs (meaning your computer) it is easier to simply disable this antivirus software once and for all.

Nowadays there are way too many good antivirus software that will work just fine with your computer. It is time to leave Avast behind and move on to better, most modern security software.

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