Every day we hear new ransomware, hacking, or malware in the newsflash. This puts our devices at risk too. So, which is the best anti-virus software that can keep all the data of your Android phone safe and secure? Here, we have compiled a list of a few such software for your Android phone.  

Avast Mobile Security

When we speak about antivirus, how can we skin Avast? The company has employed all of its commendable skills to develop an application that does so much more than a mundane scanner. You can get a couple of additional features in the free version of the app, such as firewall, call blocker, and anti-theft measure that lets you remote wipe or lock your Android phone if it ever gets stolen or lost. Penne, an online provider of assignment help Melbournesays that when her phone was stolen from her wallet, she immediately erased the data from the phone via the Avast Mobile Security application to keep all her email and bank passwords secure. Initially, the application was paid. However, now it is free to use, but you’ll see ads in it. If you wish to get rid of the ads, you’ll have to pay a small fee for the same. There’s another premium feature of the app that makes it stand out, which is the in-app locking feature. Using this feature, you can set a PIN. So, every time you open the app where the PIN is set, you’ll be asked for the security PIN.  


As far as the security community goes, Bitdefender is one highly popular name in the business. Zac, a professional reviewer, who recently put up TFTH Review, says that the anti-virus program of the Bitdefender is exceptionally lightweight. One of the commendable things about its security program is that it doesn’t run in the background. This helps save your battery life and doesn’t unnecessarily employ system resources. However, it in no way means that you will have to run or schedule a scan to keep your phone protected. Be assured that whenever you download a new app on your phone, it will be auto scanned by Bitdefender. Another highlight about Bitdefender is that it can be used immediately after installation. So, no need for any additional configuration, you can start using just after installation. If you need an additional layer of security, you can check out the 14-day trial of mobile security applications. In this, you’ll get more than just an antivirus feature. It comes with features like anti-theft and real-time protection for your Chrome browser. Jane, an online reviewer, who did a TAE Review along with the review of other portals, says that the most likeable thing about the Bitdefender is the Privacy advisor tool. It is a helpful tool when you wish to keep your smartwatch secure via the WearOn technology, every time you leave behind your phone.  


Another security app that is packed with some of the most incredible features is the AVG antivirus application. In addition to performing the core activities of antivirus, it also has an app lock, a Wi-Fi scanner, and a photo vault that keeps your files protected. This is not it. It also has a myriad of other features for performance enhancement that prevents battery drainage, kills all the unwanted background processes, deletes junk files, and does a lot more. Raun, an online finance homework help provider, shares his experience stating that the anti-theft protection features of the AVG app came real handy when someone stole his phone, and he instantly tracked it via Google Maps. With the lockout message feature of the phone, you can also remotely lock the phone. Moreover, if you ever feel that your phone is stolen, you can instantly make it give out a loud siren. Furthermore, if anyone tries to unlock your phone, it will take the selfie of that person and email the same to you. It is also capable of recording the audio of this entire episode. That’s not all. The application comes with a bundle of other advanced security features. If anyone tries to change the SIM card of the phone, it will lock down the phone on your behalf. You can also wipe off the SD card as well as the phone remotely if you fear that some intruder is using it. There are other additional privacy settings too available like blocking unwanted callers. Roy, the best Django course provider, says that the dashboard feature of the AVG is pretty impressive for him. You can get all the extra insights using the dashboard feature of the app. It will give you information on the apps that are using the maximum data and know about other privacy issues.


Another most popular name in the field of antivirus application or the PC apps is McAfee. The mobile application of the software is just as good as its PC version, if not better. It comes with a standard antivirus scanner, the ability to remotely lock or wipe off the phone in case of theft, and tracking a lost device. If ever your phone is stolen, the application will take the picture of the thief and email it to you. Some other notable highlights of the application include scanning the apps regularly to ensure that they do not leak out your sensitive information, and even locking them if needed. With McAfee, all the potentially malicious websites will be blocked for your access, ensuring that your device stays safe. John, says he uses several shopping portals, portals where you can buy research paper onlineand social media portals, all of which ask for personal details, and then these online providers call you endlessly, and that’s when the blacklist feature of McAfee comes handy. The DND and blacklist feature of the application is perfect to keep away the spammy texters and callers.

So, these, according to us, are the top 4 Android mobile safety and antivirus applications for 2020. In this world where things are getting more and more digital, it is important to ensure that you do not lose out on your privacy and security. To ensure that, these applications will come handy. So, download them and get started.  

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